Friday, July 19, 2013

Green Real Estate ~|~ Property in Sonepat

Nowadays, realty investors are
looking for sustainable alternatives for building constructions. Conventional
assets are rather losing their appeal among property developers and building
contractors. In fact, in the present scenario, a vast majority of investors
have been chasing away from stocks, shares, mutual funds, bonds, and other property sectors, such as residential housing, office buildings, and industrial units. Instead, they are opting to stack their wealth in a secure place. Even the yellow metal has been losing its shine owing to the fall in its price. Those investors who might have put their money into buying gold, perhaps the sharp decline in price must have stung them very hard. Definitely, the prolonged mayhem in global market is going to slow down the crash of bullion sectors, but truly, it is nearing its supremacy as the monarch of high performing assets in this era of economic downturn. Savvy investors are shifting their base to numerous other investment opportunities to safeguard their wealth. After the turn of the decade, as a matter of fact, one of the best performing sustainable assets that ensure good ROI has been Green real estate. Most investors are looking forward to grab on this opportunity, as it can generate huge income and assure excellent equitable growth, and the best part is that such investments are tax free. All those who think it logically they would recognize that buying gold would not provide any extra income for the owners or investors, and neither the investment would be tax-free. Undeniably, the most lucrative investment of the decade is in Green real estate (GRE).

Of course, investing into GRE would not ensure an everlasting safe haven, but surely it has become the new flavor of property investment. In several countries, on this quick money-spinning investment opportunity, unlike other investment options, the tax free benefit is bestowed by constitutional laws passed by the state government. For instance, in the United States, investors who put their wealth into green properties, they are exempted from various federal taxes. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, investors would not have to incur any taxes on their income or their profits. Aside from tax exemptions, there are several other reasons that allure both affluent individuals and professional investors to put GRE, as the most favored option in their shopping list. Obviously, green realty assets would safeguard investors during the time of inflation or recession. Another benefit of GRE is that investors would not have to rely on credit market to uplift their capital as there are numerous methods to fund the acquisition or development of GRE. Moreover, investing in GRE would provide owners and investors with different sources of income, including FIT and carbon credit.

Now, that it is copiously clear to all that green real estate has not only surfaced as the most sought after asset among the wealthy investors, but it is increasingly presenting itself as the newest craze of property investment. Owing to numerous benefits, apart from the fact that it ensures a safe and healthier living, many private equity agencies, and other private financing institutions have jump started on this budding bandwagon.


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