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A Minute With: Barbra Streisand's songwriters (Reuters)

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) ? Husband and wife songwriting team Marilyn and Alan Bergman have won three Academy Awards and two Grammys, but their biggest reward in a long career just may be writing for Barbra Streisand.

They have penned the words of songs such as "The Way We Were" and "You Don't Bring Me Flowers." While they have written for other singers ranging from Frank Sinatra to Sting, it is Streisand they hold dearest.

The Bergmans first saw her as a teenager in a Greenwich Village club. They immediately took to her and she to them.

Streisand recently released a new album, "What Matters Most," as a tribute to the Bergmans and their music. It includes "The Windmills of Your Mind" and Streisand's version of Sinatra's "Nice 'n' Easy." The Bergmans spoke with Reuters about the album and their long relationship with Streisand.

Q: You have won numerous awards and been feted many times. So, how special could this have been?

Marilyn: "We almost fell off our chairs. Barbra is our muse. She has recorded over 50 songs of ours, which makes her role in our musical lives and personal lives a very special one."

Alan: "And when she does our songs, she finds things that always surprise us. She deepens them. She gets all the nuances, everything, so it's thrilling."

Marilyn: "Other people have sung 'Windmills of Your Mind,' but really, we think hers will be the definitive version."

Q: Why?

Marilyn: "As Alan said, it's the nuances and the layers of meaning that perhaps we meant but didn't hear ourselves. They are all highlighted when she works, she really works at it."

Q: I'd think it was just talent. How does she work at it?

Marilyn: "She strives for excellence. You can read that as being a perfectionist but not in the sense that has become pejorative. She wants to make something the best it can be. ... She's aware of the permanence when you write something or perform something, and she sees her responsibility as making something as good as it can be."

Alan: "All the God-given gifts are there, but not everybody uses them as responsibly as she does."

Q: She has said you're almost like her parents and you've said she's like a daughter. So, was there a time when you said or had to say, "Barbra, maybe this song isn't best for you?"

Marilyn: "No."

Q: Why?

Alan: "Because her instincts about music and about herself are amazing, they're just terrific."

Q: You met her when she was 18, and one of you asked her if she knew how wonderful she was. What made her wonderful?

Alan: "It was all there, everything. She started to sing, and Marilyn started to cry. ... It was all the things we were talking about earlier -- the way she does it, the instrument."

Marilyn: "The originality was there -- the sound of her voice, the way she phrased songs, the clothes she wore, the original beauty, it's hers."

Q: And how has her voice changed from her youth to today?

Marilyn: "I think it's deeper. I think it's richer. It's more knowing, it's wiser."

Alan: "What Marilyn said is true. We can't dismiss all those things we talked about that go into the notes and interpretation. They're all richer. That's why the songs have added dimension, more than what we realized, because she makes little vignettes and stories out of every song. That is the actress in her and the dramatist in her."

Q: What's your favorite song on the album?

Allan: "The most unique is 'Windmills.' And then the last song, I love the way she does 'What Matters Most.'"

Marilyn: "The most surprising is 'Nice 'n' Easy' -- the great record Frank Sinatra made and we made for him. His version was a proposition and Barbra's is a seduction."


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Short Look into a Med Health and fitness | Health, Fitness and Beauty

A med spa chicago supplies a type of services and therapies that can appeal to many alternative patients. You could seek improvement for your personal face or body by using a clinical treatment but could also receive treatments which might be rejuvenating in nature. Here we use a brief look into what med spa chicago consists of. A med spa chicago (or medical spa chicago) can be defined as being a cross between a medical clinic plus a day spa chicago. A medical spa chicago offers clients traditional and personalized spa chicago therapies as well as age-defying medical treatments. A med spa chicago operates under the supervision of a licensed physician. These spa chicago have become popular places and are also gaining in popularity any of the time.

There is a wide selection of treatments that you can receive at this method of spa chicago. Wrinkle reduction procedures for example Botox, Juvederm as well as other fillers are typically wanted by clients, as are cellulite treatments, body contouring, laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation and skin tightening. Other procedures available the foremost medical spa chicago include photofacials, microdermabrasion, IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments and aggressive chemical peels. For anybody who is wishing to improve or boost the quality of your respective skin or your body afterwards a med spa chicago will perform you an array of options. It s also the place to end up for a little pampering!

There are a few facial conditions that either must not be treated by an esthetician or they want more pronounced work than such a beauty professional is accessible to include. At a spa chicago by using a medical slant along with you could have broken capillaries on your own face treated as well as redness (as a result of rosacea one example is) or brown spots.

What separates day spa chicago from medical spa chicago is the factthat the latter are definitely more clinical in nature. While there is some pampering to be enjoyed, this type of spa chicago supplies a medical environment.

This is and also spot for a at the same time target your those wishing to be relaxed and soothed. Body treatments and massage are often featured on the menu at med spa chicago. Many of these various kinds of clinical spa chicago also lean near wellness and may offer services for example acupuncture, naturopathic physician consultations and nutritional counseling. The only real thanks to understand should a medical spa chicago has what you long for is usually to use a closer contemplate it.

If all of this sounds appealing to you then you have to purchase a medical spa chicago that can accommodate your greatest needs. Find out who consumer of a clinical spa chicago is and who it really is operated by. You possibly will not think this makes many impact on your end decision however it actually does.

Find out in case the spa chicago is run by a health care provider or by way of groupping doctors. You should inquire if the doctor who owns the wellness facility performs treatments and supervises the strategies that goes on. Keep in mind that the regulations and rules in this regard are not identical in every state.

Check out training and licensing of those that will probably be performing treatments. Efforts have they been in respective fields plus how much experience have they got? In particular you are able to be handed a bad burn in case you are having laser hair removal produced by someone who is not very skilled at what they re doing. In most states a license to have a show this treatment on patients is called for though it is not really in others. It really is in the best interests and then for your own good

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three Efficient Skin Cancer Treatment options | Getting Fat

Skin cancer is contracted by about 60,000 folks in the Uk every year. It is generally triggered by extended publicity to ultraviolet UV light which makes the process of cell division in your skin malfunction. As a end result your skin cells commence to multiply in a quick, out of management way major to the formation of a cancerous tumour which normally seems as a blemish on your skin. Thankfully, most of these cancers are very treatable if caught in the early phases. In this write-up I am heading to be talking about three of the probable skin cancer treatments that are accessible to you.

one Surgery:- This is the most frequent treatment for this form of cancer. Smaller sized tumours can usually be taken out beneath nearby anaesthetic. Nevertheless, more substantial tumours might need a skin graft which entails the cancerous skin staying removed and then replaced with a layer of healthful skin taken from yet another element of the system. If the cancer has spread outside of the skin and to the lymph nodes glands that assist the entire body get rid of undesirable bacteria they may also have to be taken out by means of surgical treatment. This form of treatment method has number of facet effects but could end result in some permanent scarring of the skin depending upon the size and placement of the tumour.

two RADIOTHERAPY:- This sort of treatment requires using substantial energy radiation beams to shrink or destroy any cancerous cells. It is usually used as an choice to surgery as it can deal with the skin cancer without having any scarring. Radiotherapy may also be utilized adhering to medical procedures to destroy any remaining cancer cells and decrease the probabilities of the cancer returning. Even though radiotherapy does not outcome in scarring there are a amount of unfavorable side effects such as a feeling of sickness equivalent to the flu, standard tiredness and hair decline in the impacted location. Nonetheless, these facet results are typically momentary and will quit once the radiotherapy therapy ends.

three CRYOTHERAPY:- This form of therapy involves freezing the cancerous cells making use of liquid nitrogen. It is most powerful for early stage skin cancers and might not be possible with much more advanced cancers. If this treatment method is utilized the impacted skin will scab above and right after about a month this scab will drop off. Cryotherapy is a really low threat process but there is a modest threat of scarring or infection on the location of skin that is taken care of.

Although skin cancer is 1 of the most typical cancers in the United kingdom it is extremely treatable with the achievement prices staying specifically high if it is discovered in the early stages. Consequently, if you notice any unusual skin blemishes that have been there for a although go see your doctor appropriate absent. It may possibly turn out to be practically nothing but if it is an early stage cancerous expansion your odds of profitable treatment method will be a lot increased if you get it diagnosed now instead of leaving it to grow.

Whilst every single intention has been manufactured to make this post correct and educational, it is meant for general information only. Skin cancer is a really critical, lifestyle threatening problem and you ought to examine any concerns, remedies or way of life adjustments fully with your medical doctor.

Treatment For Skin Cancer


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Work Comp Roundup - Reduce Your Workers' Compensation ...


When reviewing medical records or looking at medical?notes from an injured worker?s doctor, some of the diagnosis wording can be confusing. This is especially true with strain-type injuries. The word ?exacerbation? and ?aggravation? can mean the same thing in certain scenarios, and they can carry different meanings in other scenarios. Adjusters are always looking for the physicians involved in work comp to differentiate between these two words, and how they apply to the injury of the employee. We explain these words, and their meanings, below; however, keep in mind these definitions are general and can differ in different jurisdictions.? (WCxKit)



1.????? What does ?Exacerbation? mean?

Physicians use this term when they talk about a temporary flaring-up of a pre-existing medical condition, generally some form of arthritis. This could be degenerative disc disease, osteophytes, bone spurring, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, etc. Everyone has a certain degree of arthritis in their joints and in their spines, and some have it worse than others, regardless of age. In fact, there are many people in the 18-30 age range with spines that look like they should be well over 60 years old. Nobody is really sure what contributes to this, but a lot of it has to do with genetics, activity level, and the demands of just plain day-to-day living.



When a doctor states your worker ?has an exacerbation of pre-existing degenerative disc disease? it is just a way of saying their arthritis has flared up. The real question when it comes to work comp is, ?When is this exacerbation subsided? Disability guidelines state that an exacerbation will resolve within a period of two to eight weeks, depending on the level of exacerbation and the level of the pre-existing conditions. So, if someone has a decent looking X-ray without a lot of arthritic conditions, they would be on the lower end of that scale, whereas someone with a higher degree of arthritis would be on the higher end of that scale.



Adjusters will always ask doctors if they are continuing to treat the exacerbation, or are they treating the pre-existing arthritis? Doctors often tiptoe around this subject, since they don?t know how bad the worker was hurting prior to the injury. Adjusters will bring up disability guidelines as a way to try and force the doctor to stop treating the worker, and if all else fails and the doctor won't stop treating, or they cant tell if the exacerbation is over, the adjuster will request an IME (Independent Medical Evaluation), and the IME doctor will decide. Most times the future coverage of medical treatment will hinge on the result of the IME, and the case either moves on or becomes disputed based on that result.



2.????? What does ?Aggravation? mean?

When we start to talk about aggravation of pre-existing arthritis, this is another level beyond exacerbation. Aggravation, in the minds of most physicians, means you have somehow worsened a pre-existing condition. This does not mean the work injury actually pathologically changed the diagnosis and location of arthritis; it just made it worse somehow. When the patient has had multiple types of treatment and weeks of therapy, and the end result is the worker being no better off six weeks later than they were at the time of the injury, doctors will lean towards using an ?aggravation? diagnosis since the worker has failed to improve with conservative treatment.



In the world of work comp, this is worrisome to the adjuster. The general public has never had an MRI for fun, and once they get an MRI for the first time it will probably show a handful of arthritic problems, usually most of which aren?t traumatic in nature. The worker will tell the adjuster ?I never had any back problems prior to my injury at work, so work must have caused all of these issues,? That is not exactly 100 percent true, since most forms of work do not actually cause arthritis in multiple levels of the spine, but a work incident can flare them up so bad that it is hard to get them to calm back down.



Useful again is our friend the IME. Adjusters will turn to an IME doctor to ask if any ongoing pain or problems stem from said injury, and if the IME doctor does relate it back to the injury, what treatment is needed to calm it back down to where the worker is functional again like they once were? Truthfully, only the injured worker knows what degree of back problems they had prior to this injury. We all get sore and have aches and pains. But, we all do not run out to get MRIs and track the progress of our issues, unless you do have some actual serious medical problems going on that are not occupational in nature.



3.????? So what is the issue?

This issue is from the adjuster?s standpoint. Some strain-type injuries will be compensable, and carriers will be on the hook to provide some medical care for these injured workers, if the claim is compensable. But as the worker fails to get better, the adjuster will dig deeper and see what issues are present on X-ray or MRI that are not occupational in nature. Then they have to turn to the doctors to ask, ?Given the level of pre-existing arthritis in this worker?s spine, is this an exacerbation, or an aggravation, of this present arthritis? Do they need further treatment for their work injury or are the ongoing symptoms not occupational in nature? If there is an exacerbation, what further treatment is needed and for how long? If it is an aggravation, how is the pre-existing condition aggravated and how can you prove that using objective medical evidence??



The only way to cleanly get out of a claim like this is to rely on the mechanism of injury. If a person picks up a box, feels a pop in the back; their legs give out and they fall to the ground in pain and have to be rushed to the hospital and need to undergo emergency surgery for a severe disc herniation, then chances are you have little to no defense on that claim.



But, if a worker picks up a box, feels pain, reports it to their boss a week later, then two weeks later goes to the clinic for treatment, then you have a lot of avenues to travel down to try and fight that claim. This is why prompt reporting to your carrier is important. If the worker tells the adjuster that they told their boss right after the injury, and it took their boss two weeks to call the claim in so the worker could finally go to the clinic, that case will not have a great defense for the adjuster to use. We say this a million times, and it does not hurt to say it once more: call those claims in as soon as you are told of an injury! The defense of the claim may depend on it!? (WCxKit)



In conclusion, adjusters are constantly reviewing medical records to determine the exacerbation versus aggravation issue, and depending on what that answer is, that will provide the future of the claim. Costs of medical treatment are always rising, and carriers hate to pay for treatment that they should not have paid for. Expert review of medical records is a must, and should be done on all claims by the adjuster and their IME physician. The treating doctors have to be pushed to show what they are treating, why they are treating it, and how it relates back to the original injury. If they can?t or will not answer, then it is time for an IME doctor to step in.

Author Rebecca Shafer
, JD, President of Amaxx Risk Solutions, Inc. is a national expert in the field of workers compensation. She is a writer, speaker, and website publisher. Her expertise is working with employers to reduce workers compensation costs, and her clients include airlines, healthcare, printing, publishing, pharmaceuticals, retail, hospitality, and manufacturing. See for more information. Contact:




Do not use this information without independent verification. All state laws vary. You should consult with your insurance broker or agent about workers comp issues.


?2011 Amaxx Risk Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved under International Copyright Law. If you would like permission to reprint this material, contact


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Android Parental Control Contains Kid Access to Your Smartphone [Android Downloads]

Android Parental Control Contains Kid Access to Your SmartphoneAndroid: I've often given my son my phone to play Angry Birds, and at least twice he's managed to delete contacts or emails. Android Parental Control helps users lockdown their phones so kids can only use apps that you have approved; an admin password is required to access any restricted app. Additionally, the app can be set to launch as soon as the phone boots so clever kids can't get around the restrictions by rebooting the phone.

You can also enable "Safe Sandbox" mode to show a screen with approved apps your kids can access. This is great for little explorers who are frustrated when they can't open the apps they want to try. The only apps they see are the ones you've previously selected that they can see.

The app works well and is free. If you want the ability to let kids play games or watch videos on your phone without having to worry about them accessing inappropriate apps or deleting info, you should definitely check it out. The app has not had an update since last December, but the developers seem to frequently use the app's Facebook page.

Android Parental Control is a free app available in the Android Market.

Android Parental Control | Android Market


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Property tax relief programs for the elderly : a compendium report ...

 Property tax relief programs for the elderly : a compendium report / prepared by Abt Associates, IncProperty tax relief programs for the elderly : a compendium report / prepared by Abt Associates, Inc

This book was digitized and reprinted from the collections of the University of California Libraries. together, the more than one hundred UC Libraries comprise the largest university research library in the world, with over thirty-five million volumes in their holdings. This book and hundreds of thousands of others can be found online in the HathiTrust Digital Library.HP?s patented BookPrep technology was used to clean artifacts resulting from use and digitization, improving your reading experience.

Price: $ 14.99


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What Tends to make Purchasing Seattle Real Estate a great Expense ...

Seattle is among the foremost metropolitan areas to purchase a home within the US. It?s 1 with the oldest metropolitan areas within the nation, with archeological excavations proving the area continues to be inhibited for at least 4,000 many years currently. It?s a town which has a lot of natural sources, which assists consider it through the up and down cycles with the economy. If you determine to appear at Seattle houses for sale, you are most likely wondering what issues you are able to appear forward to when you?re residing there. Listed here are just a few of them.

1. Beautiful parks ? There are actually hundreds of parks that you can enjoy in Seattle. There?s the Lincoln Park, that is 135 acres large and is one of Seattle?s greatest parks. It has a beautifully paved walkway, seaside, tennis courts, picnic areas, and public pools. The Jefferson Park is 52.4 acres big and is a public park and golf course in 1. Additionally, it has a gymnasium, stunning gardens, along with a great deal of open spaces. If you?re looking at Seattle homes for sale to be able to settle down inside a family-friendly neighborhood, this city can meet your needs

2. The Area Needle ? It?s a major landmark in the city and virtually its most famous image. The Area Needle was built for the 1962 World?s Honest. At that time, over twenty,000 people went up and down the elevator with the building to appear at the city of neighborhoods.

3. Performing Arts ? This city continues to be the regional center for several sorts of executing arts more than the years. The Benaroya Hall is the website exactly where the Seattle Symphony Opera generally performs. The McCaw Hall is the site with the Seattle Opera and also the Pacific Northwest Ballet. There are other distinguished opera houses, theaters, and concert homes. The songs scene within this city is so vibrant that it has been recognized as one of the foremost sources of international talents. It is also the place of birth of grunge music. Music and art lovers will definitely find Seattle to become a rich and refreshingly varied tradition.

4. Museums ? There are also lots of museums and galleries around the city such as the Burke Museum of Nationwide History and Culture which has a large assortment of artifacts, the majority of which pertains to Native Americans with the Pacific Northwest. There is also the Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum which was constructed in honor of the city?s men in uniform.

This town is definitely has a lot in store for individuals who are searching for great houses to purchase. If you are thinking of buying Seattle real estate house, you will most probably have a lot of fun discovering the region and all of its wonders.

Find great homes for sale and learn more about it in Seattle Real Estate for sale


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Menopause Tips: Things You Should Know About Obesity

Posted by external | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 25-08-2011

More and more people are struggling with weight issues.

In countries such as the United States, a huge amount of people are obese. This is upsetting news. It appears that the exact opposite should be occurring since there is so much information about health and fitness these days. However, just knowing about the things that lead to obesity is not going to be enough to deter it. It means that you have to use that knowledge in the real world.

According to a lot of health experts, sugar is one of the biggest things that contributes to obesity in today?s world. First of all, you have to understand that sugar comes in many forms. Fructose, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup are different kinds of sugar. Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame have other bad side effects also. So, they do not make things better. The key is to locate good foods that do not have a lot of sugars in them and use honey and fresh fruit to sweeten your foods naturally. If you plan on reducing your sugar intake, you will have to reduce the amount of desserts you consume as well start reading food labels of the products that probably have sugar in them like tomato juice, canned foods, and peanut butter.

The BMI or Body Mass Index is used to calculate obesity.

This is a formula that measures your weight relative to your height. This formula is calculated by taking your body weight in kilos and dividing it by the square of your height in meters, in metric units. Over 25 is overweight and over 30 is obese based on this formula on the BMI scale. The BMI scale is still found to be accurate despite the fact that some people are naturally heavier due to their bone structure or body type. If you?re not sure what your BMI is, you can ask your doctor to calculate it for you. Is it possible to observe how much you can study about information relevant to Menopause Weight Gain while you take whatever time to read through a well-researched article this way? Don?t will lose out on all an excellent information mainly because it will give you more ideas.

Research now indicates that not getting enough sleep can be a factor when it comes to being overweight. Scientists believe that not getting enough sleep, your body tends to store fat rather than burn it off. Another problem is that people who stay up to all hours of the night will eat more. This is because they will usually get hungry at night and want to have a little nibble of food before retiring for the night. Not only does this add calories to their diet, but night time is the worst time to eat because your body doesn?t have a chance to work off the calories. Not everyone needs the same amount of sleep. But, it would be a good thing for adults to acquire seven or eight hours of sleep every night. So, if you do not get this amount, you should make some changes. you discover that you get more energetic and lose more weight also.

Obesity is not an simple problem to work with. This is because it often demands that you change many of your lifelong habits. Remember that even the small things like eating healthy instead of fattening foods or exercising can change your metabolism enough so you will lose weight. It may take effort to overcome obesity. But it?s worth it. This is because finally getting to your healthy weight will improve other aspects of your life as well.


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Heartburn ? Has Nothing Whatsoever To Do With ... - Health & Fitness


Heartburn is a digestive problem that is created when stomach acid comes into contact with the lining of the esophagus, causing irritation. It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the heart though the effect may be confused with heart pain and vice versa and is the most common sign of a disease called gastroesophageal reflux or acid reflux. It is frequently called acid indigestion and usually takes place after meals and is a daily occurrence for about ten percent of Americans and up to 50% of pregnant women.


Symptoms of acid indigestion and a heart attack may feel the same. One of the most frequent symptoms is spitting up. Heartburn symptoms are just flat-out uncomfortable and down right painful. However, many persons will only experience the milder symptoms. Take heed and treat it, especially if you feel symptoms regularly. The good news is that altering your dietary habits can go a long way toward preventing acid indigestion and other signs of GERD.

Heartburn is usually easy to diagnose from the signs you describe to your health care provider. If there is any question about the diagnosis, you may have the following tests taken to check for ulcers or other problems that might be creating your symptoms: barium swallow x-ray study of the esophagus, complete upper GI (gastrointestinal) barium x-ray examining of the esophagus, stomach, and upper intestine endoscopy: a procedure in which a thin flexible tube with a tiny camera is placed in your mouth and down into your stomach so your health care provider can see your esophagus and stomach.

To help decrease the symptoms you can attempt not to put much pressure on the sphincter muscle. Get emergency care if the following happens with the heartburn and do not go away within 15 minutes of therapy: shortness of breath; sweating; weakness; or arm, back, or chest pain.


To diminish attacks, a sufferer may find benefit in avoidance of particular foods that ease the opening between the stomach and esophagus, such as chocolate, peppermint, and chamomile tea shortly before bedtime. Restricting diet is extremely important, since 90-95% of sufferers of heartburn or esophageal disorder can link their signs to specific foods. If the individual finds that certain foods have a tendency to make the condition worse, or more frequent, they would be better served to stay away them, or at least talk to the MD concerning products that can help decrease the quantity of stomach acid that can cause acid reflux.


Heartburn usually is caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), the rise of stomach acid back up into the esophagus. Acid indigestion and reflux are very common, with ten percent of the population experiencing these symptoms at least one time a week and can be brought on or made worse by pregnancy and by many different drugs.

It is common malady, and an occasional episode is generally nothing to be concern about. Relief in the form of milk can be effective and consuming a small amount of milk regularly over a period of time can begin to heal the effects as it washes acid back into the stomach.

A simple and relatively harmless way to remedy a one time heartburn is to drink a solution of a small amount of Sodium bicarbonate mixed with H2O, which quickly neutralizes the acid that causes the pain. Chewing gum may provide short-term relief by stimulating the production of saliva, which dilutes and washes out stomach acid. When heartburn occurs frequently, however, or becomes severe, you should consult your MD.

Ricardo Henri is the webmaster of Natural Remedies,Treatments And Cures,a website with extensive information concerning caring for your own bodywithout depending on drugs and needless surgery. Subscribe to his monthly newsletter @ rapid natural cures or quick natural treatments


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Give Money Away to Relieve Financial Stress

Give Money Away to Relieve Financial StressIt might seem a little counterintuitive, but if you're stressed out about finances, Psychology Today recommends you donate a few dollars to help relieve your own anxiety.

The idea comes from a study published in 2008 where participants were given an envelope of money and asked to spend it by 5 p.m. the same day. Each participant was assigned to either a personal spending group, where they had to use the money to purchase something for themselves, or a gifting group, where they had to give the money away. It turns out that by the end of the day, those who spent money on charity rated happier than those who spent the money on a personal expense.

There are a few different theories as to why this might help elevate happiness and alleviate stress. One is that donation can help reduce your body's stress levels by lowering cortisol, one of your stress hormones. Other ideas include a feeling of social connectedness and the sense you're making a difference. Hit up the full article for more examples and studies. Photo by Cory Doctorow

Worried About Money? Give Some Away | Psychology Today


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I will provide professional cooking tips to any cooking/food - Fiverr


Fiverr's User Protection Policy

At Fiverr, user information is always kept private and secure, our users can choose to remain anonymous even when paying or getting paid.

Buyers and sellers are entitled to cancel orders that have not been delivered successfully, on time, or at all.

Fiverr will do its best to protect sellers against user misbehavior, including removal of false feedback or ratings left by other sellers. We invest a lot of effort in making sure that untrusted people stay away from Fiverr.

Fiverr provides 24x7 customer support services to assist you with account issues, orders and any type of problem with the site. Our team of moderators constantly monitor and clean Fiverr, removing poor quality and improper content, spammers and other wrong doers.

Poor quality sellers hurt the community and first and foremost other great sellers. That said, if you are a seller and your account has been restricted, you will be able to withdraw your cleared earnings.

All subject to our Terms of Service.


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Daily Tips for Business: Business Presentation

In a presentation you only have one chance to make a first impression so it is important that you get off to a good start. The ending to a presentation is equally important, because of the lasting impression that you leave. The ending to a presentation has three elements.


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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nicki Minaj 'Raises The Bar' On Britney Spears Tour

'I wanted my set to be more than an opening act, 'cause, you know, I did that already,' she tells MTV News of Femme Fatale Tour.
By Jocelyn Vena

Nicki Minaj
Photo: MTV News

Nicki Minaj is known for her brightly colored persona, music and wardrobe, so it's no surprise that the New York rapper has managed to win over pop audiences night after night on the Femme Fatale Tour, during which she fiercely graces the stage before Britney Spears.

Minaj's high-octane energy and ability to put a pop spin on her hip-hop tracks shines through in her warm-up show. Her theater-kid side also comes out in the multi-media set, complete with dance routines, videos and Minaj's many alter egos.

The ability for a pop audience to identify with Minaj's sometimes NSFW themes is even a shock to the head Barbie herself. "Yeah, I'm always surprised," she told MTV News. "I don't really expect them to know all the records, but I guess it just kind of transcends all genres of music at this point."

Minaj set out to give her fans, both old and new, a spectacle. "I wanted my set to be more than an opening act, 'cause, you know, I did that already," she said, referring to her opening gig alongside mentor Lil Wayne on the I Am Still Music Tour. "I always like to raise the bar for myself, and that's what I did. I think it's important to give people what they paid for."

In addition to a set full of fan favorites that are earning her more and more Barbies each and every night, Minaj also has multiple costume changes that are sexy, cool and tough all at the same time.

"I didn't want to do a lot of color. I sort of wanted to tone it down and sort of bring the color back from my own tour, so I wanted it to be very sophisticated and sort of, you know, futuristic and all over the place," she said. "But sort of cagey and sort of epic."

Have you seen Nicki Minaj's opening set for Britney? Share your reviews in the comments!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Vietnamese Artists Showcase Visual Poetry

The Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association (VAALA) is delighted to announce the opening of Marvelous Metaphors: Art as Visual Poetry, guest curated by Thuy N. D. Tran and showcasing recent works by artists Trinh Mai, Christine Nguyen, Tammy Nguyen, Trinh Ponce, Dao Strom and Van Tran. Marvelous Metaphors marks an important milestone for the VAALA Cultural Center as the organization completes its newest exhibition space. The opening reception presents a lineup of musical performances by Miniature Houses, Whalesound and Sea Moon and is free to the public. Additional programming will be offered throughout the duration of the exhibition, including art talks, a panel discussion on poetry and curatorial walk-throughs.

Marvelous Metaphors: Art as Visual Poetry encourages audiences to read visual art in the same way as poetry?through the contemplation of visual metaphors that play with interpretive possibilities. Featuring new faces to VAALA, Marvelous Metaphors offers a wide array of artistic media including photo-works, paintings on canvas, fiber arts, ceramics, inks on paper, drawings, book-art, sculptures and other mixed media. The artists selected for this exhibition are very diverse in subjectivity and technical approach; however what they all share in common are works that invite viewers to delve into the many overlays of meaning.


Trinh Mai?s artwork

Trinh Mai?s current work investigates her heritage by exploring traditional imagery and symbolism. Through painting, she has been able to gain a deeper understanding of the joys and hardships experienced by her family and the Vietnamese American community. Painting is also a means for her to connect with the subconscious and the spiritual to make the intangible tangible and the unseen visible; and, perhaps most importantly, to find comfort. Born in Harrisburg, Penn., and raised by an artistic and supportive family of musicians, composers, architects, designers and poets, Trinh currently resides in San Jose, Calif.. She holds a BFA from San Jose State University and has spent time at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Christine Nguyen?s work draws upon the imagery of science but is not limited to technologies of the present. It imagines that the depths of the ocean reach into outer space, that through an organic prism, vision can fluctuate between the micro- and macroscopic. Christine has been developing a personal cosmology in which commonalities among species, forms, and environment become visible and expressive, suggesting past narratives and possible futures. The forms and environs in her work sometimes migrate into new pieces, establishing new systems. There are no waste materials in these worlds: vision is a renewable resource. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Christine received her BFA from California State University, Long Beach and MFA from the University of California, Irvine. Her work has been featured at the Armand Hammer Museum (Project), Michael Kohn Gallery, Andrewshire Gallery, and Sam Lee Gallery in Los Angeles, and been included in group exhibitions at the Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Kiel, Germany; Laguna Beach Art Museum, Laguna Beach, Calif.; 4-F Gallery, Los Angeles, PH Gallery, New York; San Art, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Sprueth Magers Projekte, Munich, Germany; and 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong.

Tammy Nguyen explores a variety of mediums in her practice?oil painting, drawing, bookmaking, embroidery, etc. She is intrigued with ideas of traditionalism in contemporary culture, inspired by calligraphy in the Middle East and Asia, and humored by absurdity. Recently, Tammy has been investigating ideas of power through endurance combined with combat as a moment of decision making. As such, many of her forms are taken from different ?still shots? in martial arts and traditional portraits of pastime royalty. The exploration, and arguably moment of sheer excitement, is when she takes these themes and puts them through different material processes. It is from the process of working with many materials that her subject matter evolves?drawings informing sculptures, and sculptures informing paintings. Tammy Nguyen was born in San Francisco and received her BFA from the Cooper Union School of Art in New York City. In 2007, she moved to Vietnam on a Fulbright grant to study lacquer painting. She currently resides in New Haven, Conn. where she is an MFA candidate at the Yale School of Art.

Sometimes abstract and fluid in form, Trinh Ponce?s meticulously hand-woven pieces can also be structural and literal. Using natural materials, she creates metaphorical shapes that force viewers to make their own interpretations, and in this process they form an emotional connection with the artwork. Born in Vietnam, Trinh and her family relocated to the United States in 1987. While studying graphic design at California State University, Long Beach, she developed an interest in fiber arts. In 2003 she graduated with a BFA degree in fiber arts and 3D design. Trinh currently lives and practices in Southern California.

Dao Strom is a writer of books and songs. She was born in Saigon, Vietnam and grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California. She has lived in New York City, San Francisco, Iowa City, Austin, Juneau, and now calls Portland, Oregon home. She holds an MFA from the University of Iowa Writers? Workshop and a BA in Film Production from San Francisco State University.

Van Tran believes that the arts have the capacity to embed itself within a broader social realm as current social conditions render a new kind of creative practice: research. Her relationship with the arts, often treated with reflection and exploration, is one that she envisions to be an intersecting vehicle between the informal and the contemporary. There is something to be said about the connections we make ? both socially and spatially ? as we move in our day-to-day activity. Van?s disparate attempts at finding these connections form the bulk of her recent experiential research. The results have been displayed in various iterations of mapping, diagramming, cataloguing, and informal interventions that are often performative and participatory. Van received her BA in visual art ? Studio with Honors at the University of California, San Diego. Besides artmaking, she has also worked as a writer and teaching artist for various non-profit arts organizations. She is currently pursuing her MFA in public and social practice at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Calif.

About the Curator:

Thuy N. D. Tran is a doctoral candidate in the Department of History of Art and Architecture at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her extensive experience in community art activism and museum work has provided her opportunities to take fresh approaches to the often passive practice of art history. Her teaching philosophy embraces interdisciplinary perspectives and her research focuses on primary sources as its inspiration. Thuy received her MA in art history from Arizona State University and her BA in art history from the University of California, Los Angeles with dual minors in cultural anthropology and museum studies.

About VAALA:

Founded in 1991 by a group of Vietnamese American journalists, artists and friends, Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association (VAALA) is a community-based, 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. VAALA has organized numerous cultural events such as art exhibitions, book fairs, book signings, recitals, plays, lectures, the biennial Vietnamese International Film Festival (ViFF), the biennial Cinema Symposium, the annual Children?s Moon Festival Art Contest and year-long art and music classes. VAALA recently developed smART Program, which offers free art workshops for non-profit youth organizations in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas.


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Top 10 Best Online games out of them all | i1 Review

Video mmorpgs have undoubtedly changed the facial skin of leisure and interesting. These mmorpgs were primary developed in your 1950s and subsequently, have also been continuously changing as per the dawn of new computer engineering. Video games can be played on any variety of entertainment not to mention media device just like computers, mobile phone, video performance consoles, media player, and so. For ages, many games attended and removed; but often times there are which will be even played out today and employ a good sense on participants. Following is actually a running listing of the top 10 best matches at that time.

Pac-Man: This is one of the top gaming systems in recent history that was first developed in 1980. Little leaguer has to earn the Pac-Man eat all of the yellow dots at the interface, avoiding the actual monsters while in the maze, and next it would flow to the completely new stage.

When you can?t be outside the house skateboarding, it can carry on being on your thoughts. One option to pass the amount of time is that will play skateboarding video games. There can be certainly several out there that one can choose right from. Regardless of as well as the home video games platform someone happens to include, you will get plenty of them that is able to keep you busy.

Tony Hawk has many excellent skateboarding games available on the market that you?ll enjoy. There is very much an innovative one quit regularly. However, that absolutely doesn?t really mean those senior versions might not be worth looking over. Yet many individuals don?t obtain them to possibly be challenging plenty of. They are beneficial to beginners while so tend not to overlook them.

Nintendo could be a rather well known firm founded within Japan that features developed a specialized niche for his or her self inside matches industry. Through the countless years Nintendo continues to be refined along with simultaneously defined that gaming markets and can be a daunting player with this particular niche. Today Nintendo gives products one example is Nintendo Ds as well as various other sorts of state-of-the-art models like Nintendo DSi, Nintendo?s creative designers DSi XL. Its completely new item Manufacturers 3DS is normally slated to always be unveiled for 2011. Nintendo?s Nintendo wii system could possibly be the video gaming system of Designers, which typically competes versus Microsoft?s Wii game and Sony?s ps3.

Nintendo features around 1146 games to the nation?s buyers most of above the modern world of which might be played on Wii console and close to 930 video game title titles of which have been played on Nintendo DS, DS Lite and in addition DSi. You will learn a few online games with the full number regarding Nintendo gaming systems that is well worth this capital some people cost. Provided down below are some types involving games.

Nintendo Wii online games and best shape? In the past video games have been completely synonymous using a sedentary existence. You recognize the harmful rap matches get because of parents that complain of which their boys and girls spend too much effort playing your thoughts numbing games rather than enough time romping available getting workout. Such video gaming brats grow to be gaming addicted teen agers that spend endless degrees of time into the wee (not wii) hours from the morning employing their craft. Video sport teen agers develop into passive 20 and additionally 30 year olds that many times minimal social techniques because their time is definitely spent playing gaming systems.

Nintendo gaming console changes involves. It offers changed that minds regarding parents, doctors, doctors along with physical therapists around the world? How you may ask? By combining the particular fun in addition to skill of game titles that happen to be played over the TV aided by the exercising with the actual muscles essential to play the games in the event you were taking part in them outside and in the flesh.

There are more hints inside this article on acid reflux remedies. Go to this article about xerxes guide as well for extra good information.

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Vital Hockey Safety Advice You Have to Know for Next Season ...

Ice hockey is one of those games in which it is impossible to prevent all injuries due to its nature. Dangers like flying hockey sticks, sharp skate blades, and hockey pucks moving at the speed of the most recent slap shot are all dangers to content with. The result of a random puck hit at minimum is a sizable bruise. Of course, this is a best case situation. Of course, there are other considerations like pulls and sprains to consider. Hockey is a sport that is filled with danger. It?s important for all who play to have a very sharp awareness of what is going on at all times. Take note of these safety tips to make hockey a safer all around experience.

Use common sense and good judgment when selecting hockey skates. Take the time to make sure the skates are a good fit. Don?t wear skates that are too small as they may injure the foot. Foot pain is a major distraction from what?s taking place in the game. Losing focus on the game makes you a likely candidate for injury. Skates also need to provide adequate support. Skates that do not provide additional protection, in the form of a protective cup, for the toes should not be purchased for hockey. Proper care of your skates matters, as well. To properly work the blades of your skate need to be sharp.

His death was caused by a fall in which he smashed his head against the ice. So, when you buy a hockey helmet, you must buy one that has been certified as safe by the HECC which is the Hockey Equipment Certification Council. The helmet you wear needs to have a protective shield welded to the front of it. Your helmet should always fit properly and make sure that the strap is fastened when you are playing.

Face masks are required in all leagues below professional hockey at every age group. These are worn as permanent attachments to the hockey helmets. This is an important enough safety requirement that you should still wear a helmet with face mask even when playing friendly hockey matches among friends. The primary reason being to protect your face from damage by pucks and sticks that are part of a hockey game. One common complaint among players is that the visor blurs vision or reduces the range of vision on the ice. However, they are required in the junior leagues and certainly leagues for younger kids.

Whether you play hockey yourself or have a child in the sport, these hockey tips will help you play it safe. Avoiding injuries not only helps you avoid injuries but also keeps you in the game throughout the season. Safety is important for children of all ages playing hockey whether it?s their first season or their tenth. Protective gear only protects from some of the dangers of hockey. Safety rules in different leagues can differ greatly. Accumulating as much information on hockey safety tips as you can could prevent the kind of injury nobody wants to have.

Want to compile your own leads of people that are into safety tips? Its very simple. All it really takes is knowledge. Be smart and quickly read this article about Cheap MLM Leads. You?ll be glad you did!


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Is U.S. Farm Policy Feeding The Obesity Epidemic?

Joe Raben harvests corn on land he farms with his father and uncle Oct. 4, 2008, near Carmi, Ill. Some farmers say technological improvements and farming mechanization, not subsidies, are responsible for increased output. Scott Olson/Getty Images

Joe Raben harvests corn on land he farms with his father and uncle Oct. 4, 2008, near Carmi, Ill. Some farmers say technological improvements and farming mechanization, not subsidies, are responsible for increased output.

August 10, 2011 from KCUR

These days, U.S. farm policy is blamed for a lot of things ? even the nation's obesity epidemic. The idea is that the roughly $15 billion in annual subsidies that the federal government gives to farmers encourages them to grow too much grain. As a result, the theory goes, prices drop, food gets cheaper and we end up eating too much.

It seems like a simple equation. But the truth is rarely simple.

Americans Eat Cheap

The net effect of the whole set of farm supports is to make food more expensive and actually to discourage obesity.

Americans, on average, spend less than 10 percent of our money on food. A lot of people buy too much fast food ? but from an economic standpoint, it is a good decision.

"The smartest, most rational decision is to eat the crappiest food, because everywhere you turn it's more accessible, more affordable and more convenient," says David Wallinga, a senior adviser in science, food and health at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy in Minneapolis. He is one of the people who say federal farm subsidies lead directly to overeating.

"What we've had is a cheap feed grain policy, or a cheap calorie policy, and that's been pretty consistent from farm bill to farm bill over the last 30-odd years," he says, referring to the bundle of legislation that includes agricultural subsidies.

So the farm bill helps make us fat, right?

Maybe not. Let's take a closer look at this whole picture.

Technology Has Made Farmers More Productive

Ken McCauley, a farmer from White Cloud, Kan., says he is indeed growing more corn ? but not because of subsidies.

"The expansion that you're hearing about in agriculture today, or for the past several years, is all about the machinery and the easy of work," McCauley says. "Your work is easier because of machinery and technology."

On McCauley's farm, his son Brad charges back and forth over the land in a self-propelled sprayer. The machine, which looks like a monster bug ? a green tractor on stilts with booms stretching 90 feet like enormous wings ? is trailing a finely calibrated mist of herbicide.

Bill Raben loads a grain truck as he helps to harvest corn on land he farms with his brother Oct. 4, 2008, near Carmi, Illinois. Raben's family has been farming in the area for four generations. Farm subsidies are just one way the government can influence farming ? there is a wide array of federal programs ? some programs have the effect of lowering prices while others cause an increase. Enlarge Scott Olson/Getty Images

Bill Raben loads a grain truck as he helps to harvest corn on land he farms with his brother Oct. 4, 2008, near Carmi, Illinois. Raben's family has been farming in the area for four generations. Farm subsidies are just one way the government can influence farming ? there is a wide array of federal programs ? some programs have the effect of lowering prices while others cause an increase.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Bill Raben loads a grain truck as he helps to harvest corn on land he farms with his brother Oct. 4, 2008, near Carmi, Illinois. Raben's family has been farming in the area for four generations. Farm subsidies are just one way the government can influence farming ? there is a wide array of federal programs ? some programs have the effect of lowering prices while others cause an increase.

"It steers itself, shuts itself on and off, so I basically just turn around and make sure everything's running right," Brad says.

The spray kills everything but the corn, because the corn has been genetically engineered to withstand the herbicide. And for good measure, the corn has also been designed to produce its own insecticide.

So now the corn plants grow much closer together than they used to and, weather permitting, produce twice as much grain per acre.

"Food productivity is more than doubled, so the real cost is less than half what it was 40 to 50 years ago," says Julian Alston, an agricultural economist at the University of California at Davis. "That's the big story. And that wasn't caused by subsidies. That was caused by improvements in productivity on the farm."

Farmers are proud of all that productivity, and it has driven crop prices down.
But shouldn't farm subsidies themselves make food cheaper? When the government picks up part of the cost of something, shouldn't the price go down?

Alston says not necessarily. "What's wrong with that line of thinking is that it doesn't pay attention to how farm subsidies actually do work."

Some Government Policies Actually Raise Food Prices

Subsidies are not the only way the government influences farmers. Some federal programs do make crops cheaper: Subsidized crop insurance and other traditional price supports make food more abundant and reduce prices. But some policies actually increase prices.

In that category would be "getting paid not to plant": some farmers get federal money to let land lay fallow. That cuts production and raises prices. Same goes for tariffs ? if there's a tariff on imported sugar, it tends to boost the price of all sweeteners, including corn syrup. And ethanol production, which is supported by a federal mandate, now buys up about 40 percent of the corn crop ? again raising prices.

"The net effect of the whole set of farm supports is to make food more expensive and actually to discourage obesity," Alston says.

Robert Paarlberg, who teaches political science at Wellesley and Harvard, has tried pointing this out. "Farm subsidies have nothing to do with it," he says. "You almost never get any interest in trying to make the counter-argument. People assume that you're a crank if you dare to challenge what everyone knows to be true."

There are some obesity experts who agree with Paarlberg and Alston, including Margo Wootan, the director of nutrition policy at the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

"I'm very concerned about how hard it is to eat well in America today," she says. "Our food environment has evolved in a way that it's almost perfectly engineered to promote or cause obesity."

Wootan says that environment isn't shaped by farm policy nearly as much as it is by food processors and marketers.

For example, even when corn prices doubled, the price of corn flakes barely moved. That's because food ingredient costs are miniscule compared to other expenses. On average, less than one in five dollars consumers spend on food actually goes to farmers and ranchers. Shipping, packaging, processing and marketing and selling make up the rest of your grocery bill.

"Companies are really competing very aggressively to sell their food and not somebody else's food," Wooten says. "And that's creating more and more food that Americans are eating, and as a result, we're gaining a lot of weight."

And as a Wooten's group, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, regularly points out, processed foods are often loaded with salt, sugar and fat.


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Gavin DeGraw home from hospital after NYC beating (AP)

NEW YORK ? Singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw has been released from a New York City hospital after an attack that left him with a broken nose, a concussion and other injuries.

DeGraw tweeted Tuesday afternoon that he didn't remember much of Sunday's beating. Police say DeGraw was attacked by a group of men in the East Village. No arrests have been made yet.

A representative says the 34-year-old DeGraw also suffered black eyes, cuts and bruises.

DeGraw canceled concerts this week in upstate New York and Massachusetts after the assault.

On Twitter, DeGraw thanked fans and said: "I only know I can recover from here. ... I love u guys."

DeGraw's new album, "Sweeter," due out in September. His top hits include "Chariot" and "I Don't Want to Be."




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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: 'Watch The Throne' wins with introspection (AP)

Released online as financial markets took a historic plunge, the full-length collaboration between Jay-Z and Kanye West revels in self-described "luxury rap." Two of hip-hop's biggest stars tell us in rhyme form that even in this economy, they can afford fine art, haute couture, even top-tier German home appliances.

If you can forgive these self-satisfied rap titans their name-checking of Mark Rothko, Dries Van Noten and Miele, though, "Watch The Throne" has more on its mind. Celebration of the high life is undercut by regrets, loneliness, and snatches of mournful social commentary. Like West's acclaimed solo effort last year, the album title reveals itself as both boastful and paranoid, proud and furtive. Watch us on top, they seem to say, but know that we don't always like what we see from here ? both looking outward and in.

"Murder to Excellence" encapsulates the theme in a two-parter that shifts beats halfway through. West begins by quoting an old Jay-Z line ? "I'm from the murder capital, where they murder for capital" ? to decry black-on-black violence in his hometown of Chicago. Jay-Z then describes ascending to "the new black elite" with Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey. "Only spot a few blacks the higher I go ... that ain't enough. We gon' need a million more," he raps.

Isolation infuses the Swizz Beats-produced "Welcome to the Jungle," where West drinks away his struggles: "Just when I thought I had everything, I lost it all. So que sera. Get a case of Syrah, let it chase the pain." Jay-Z places himself in the shoes of fellow musicians at their lowest points, linking Eminem, Michael Jackson, Pimp C, 2Pac and more through coded couplets that reward repeat listening.

Even more dour is the RZA-produced "New Day," with odes to sons the two may eventually father. Over a plinking piano and Nina Simone sample, West flagellates himself for mistakes, from his choice in women to post-Katrina telethon appearance, noting: "I'll never let my son have an ego." Jay-Z is even more direct: "Sorry Junior, I already ruined ya, `cause you ain't even alive, paparazzi pursuing ya."

Oh, poor millionaire rappers. Go cry into your Armand de Brignac Champagne at your yacht parties, you may find yourself responding. But this type of intimacy and honesty doesn't come easy ? or often enough ? in commercial hip-hop. West's feverish, sometimes needy soul-baring has jolted the oft-aloof Jay-Z to attention, just as his sped-up soul samples did the first time they worked together, on 2001's classic "The Blueprint."

"Throne" is sometimes guilty of failing to let its lyrics breathe, as West and other producers drown out the duo's rhymes with distracting vocal samples or ever-escalating arrhythmic electro beats. "Who Gon Stop Me" is an ambitious but ultimately failed rap-dubstep mashup. The playful wordplay of "Gotta Have It" gets lost in the Neptunes' multiple James Brown samples. Beyonce showcase "Lift Off" wants to be a successor to West's regal, star-studded "All of the Lights" but feels incomplete, like it was ripped from an engineer's hands to beat a deadline.

Moments of determined calm hit their target more effectively. Frank Ocean, part of the buzzy Los Angeles collective Odd Future, croons a soulful, effortless chorus on the gorgeous memoir "Made In America," an album highlight. He's joined by The-Dream on the provocative album opener "No Church In the Wild," filled with striking images and poetry.

The 23-year-old Ocean's presence signifies the "Throne's" attempt to blend old with new. Despite all the nods to hip-hop history ? "Apache" and "Top Billin" samples, quotes from Outkast and Wu-Tang ? the 34-year-old West and 41-year-old Jay-Z have crafted a bleeding-edge nontraditional hip-hop album. Over the course of 12 songs (plus four bonus tracks in the deluxe edition) West has pushed his "big brother," one of hip-hop's few true legends, into riskier territory, sonically and lyrically, than he's gone in many years.

Not including Jay-Z's R. Kelly collaborations ? and really, the less said the better ? these hard-working rhyme partners have touched on their genre's familiar aspirational themes repeatedly over the course of a combined 16 solo albums. On top, done counting their Basquiats and all-black Maybachs, they're left to assess: What else is there?


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Video: Poll: Voters angry with Washington

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