Sunday, December 30, 2012

Report: iPad Still Destroying Other Tablets in Web Usage

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Saturday, December 29, 2012
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Weekend Highlights: Foss Patents reports that the ITC Judge wants Samsung to post a bond for 88 percent of its U.S. smartphone sales due to the Apple patent case; The Macalope considers small sample sizes; Insanely Great Mac updates a video review of results of charging iOS devices with the newest 12v charger, with interesting results; Rocco Pendola at TheStreet on the massive opportunity yet to be realized with Apple's million-dollar-per-day retail stores; MacNewsWorld's John Mello clarifies reports claiming Tim Cook's pay was cut 99%, when in actuality his base pay was raised by 51%; Macworld reviews the big Apple news stories of 2012; it seems that Apple's lack of online reviews are what brought down their online customer satisfaction score, which is still a respectable 80; $15 billion is what Samsung may be forced to pay for its attempt to ban Apple products in the EU; Apple had a huge Christmas according to Distimo, seeing an 87% increase in App Store downloads; report from Ina Fried over at AllThingsD says developers finding it more difficult to obtain app loyalty; Google's YouTube and Maps apps topped list of most downloaded apps on December 25th; former Apple designer reveals early product prototypes featuring some very interesting designs; LG seeking to ban Samsung's Galaxy Note for patent infringement; sending a quake of concern through ultrabook vendors, MacBook Air rumored to feature new processor platform in 2013 while retaining same design?reports in our Hardware/Software section; and apparently iDevice demand is so high that Apple's suppliers are going to keep working through the Chinese New Year; PC Magazine reviews Flickr for iPhone; PadGadget offers advice on finding accessories for your new iPad, iPad mini; Charles Moore discusses the pros/cons of buying Apple's extended AppleCare warranty for your devices; tablets now disposable commodity?

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Fri Dec 28
"Report: iPad Still Destroying Other Tablets in Web Usage" Mashable 10:45 AM
  • "ITC judge wants Samsung to post a bond of 88% of its U.S. smartphone sales due to Apple patent case"?Foss Patents?7:24 AM
  • "ITC Judge recommends Samsung post 88 percent value bond, import bans in Apple patent case"?Engadget?8:33 AM
  • "ITC judge recommends ban on Samsung devices infringing on Apple patents: Following an October preliminary finding, judge also approves design tweaks for Samsung."?Ars Technica?9:27 PM
  • "Details of proposed sanctions emerge in Apple-Samsung case: Sanctions against Samsung in patent case before U.S. International Trade Commission would involve sales, import ban and posting of bond for 88 percent of value of smartphones at issue while potential bans were under review."?CNET News?4:41 PM
  • "Apple (AAPL) Drops Patent Claim Against Samsung's S III Mini in the U.S."?Wall Street Pit?7:19 AM
  • "Apple's wild ride, set to music"?Fortune?7:21 AM
  • "No Matter How You Look at It, Apple's Shares Are Cheap"?Barron's?7:21 AM
  • "The Idea That Apple's Best Days Are Behind It Is Absurd/"?Business Insider?12:12 PM
  • "'Not Deliberate' Says Google, On Google Finance Showing Apple Stock Chart For 'Sell'"?Search Engine Land?9:05 PM
  • "Reports of Tim Cook's Pay Cut Greatly Exaggerated: Despite appearances, Apple CEO Tim Cook's $1.3 million cash salary actually was a $400,000 increase over his pay in 2011. The company compensated him with $378 million last year, but the overwhelming majority of it was in restricted share units: a sort of stock grant that has no actual current value."?MacNewsWorld?12/28
  • "Apple gives Tim Cook 51 percent salary increase: Apple CEO Tim Cook received compensation totaling $4.17 million in 2012, down 98.9 percent on last year?although his 2011 compensation of $378 million consisted mostly of a one-off stock grant, worth $376.2 million at the time."?IDG News Service?12/28
  • "Huge Christmas for iTunes, App Store"?PC Magazine?12/28
  • "AAPL: iPad mini Sells Out in Hong Kong, Says Topeka"?Barron's?12/28
  • "Apple to drop patent claims against new Samsung phone: Apple Inc has agreed to withdraw patent claims against a new Samsung phone with a high-end display after Samsung said it was not offering to sell the product in the crucial U.S. market."?Reuters?12/28
  • "Apple Will Drop Galaxy S III Mini From Samsung Patent Suit"?Bloomberg?12/28
  • "Apple to drop patent claims against Samsung phone"?AFP?12/28
  • "Apple drops patent claim against Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini"?CNET News?12/28
  • "Samsung Could Face $15 Billion Fine For Trying To Ban iPhone, Other Apple Devices"?BGR?12/28
  • "Apple fined by China court for copyright violation"?BBC?12/28
  • "Apple loses another copyright lawsuit in China: Xinhua"?Reuters?12/28
  • "Apple's $160K Copyright Fine In China Is A Pittance, But Could It Open The Door For Further Claims?"?TechCrunch?12/28

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  • "Bluestacks App Player brings 750,000 Android apps to OS X"?T3?12/28
  • "Zevrix Extends 50% Holiday Sale until January 5 for All Products"?prMac?12/28
  • "iPhone and iPad sales: Two Christmas Day data points/1) 17 million iOS and Android devices activated; 2) App Store downloads up 87%"?Fortune?12/28
  • "Apple's Christmas gift - an 87 percent rise in app downloads"?CNET News?12/28
  • "iPad continues to lead the tablet market in web traffic"?SlashGear?12/28
  • "Report: iPad Still Destroying Other Tablets in Web Usage"?Mashable?12/28
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  • "iPad mini in hot demand in China -- analyst"?CNET News?12/28
  • "I have a little later (mid-year vintage) model of that machine and so far am having no issues. However, there are some things to try and sleuthing to do. I would first try two things: Try resetting the PRAM and the SMC. There are instructions for both procedures all over the place. Also, determine if this happens only when the 9400 is involved, or does it happen with the 9600 (or with both). Are there any console messages that occur just prior to the panic? What software is running at the time of the crash? Do you recall installing any particular software or attaching any special hardware just prior to this syndrome beginning?"?MacInTouch?12/28
Price Trackers/Deals
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Deal Brothers Daily Deal: Attention Merchants: MasterCard and VISA may cost you more than AmEx

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? ?


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the nanny is on and it?s the wedding episode and i?m just having such a moment because...

hammer time.

girl. 28. american. DC chicago. jewish. liberal, but realistic. BA. MA. tv, music, culture, books, art. sci-fi, horror, the weirder the better. things i wish i could afford. i've worshipped at the feet of joss whedon and radiohead for a long fucking time.


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Bedard: Cowboys-Redskins ? fitting finale to 2012

Romo and Dallas battle RG3 and Washington for the NFC East title Sunday night (NBC)

By Greg Bedard contributor

updated 1:27 a.m. ET Dec. 29, 2012

After 255 games, the NFL regular season will come down to one of the league?s most historically intense rivalries ? Cowboys at Redskins ? on Sunday Night Football.

The NFC East title is on the line, and with it, an automatic berth into the postseason. The Cowboys have to win to claim their first postseason berth since 2009. The Redskins could lose and still return to the playoffs for the first time since 2007, but only if the Bears and Vikings drop their earlier games.

Both teams enter the game hot. The Redskins have won six straight, while the Cowboys have won four of six.

Not a bad setting for the 106th edition of this rivalry.

"When you think about the Cowboys and Redskins, it's always been a rivalry," Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware said. "Now there's a little bit more at stake. This is like a statement game, one of those games where you can prove to a lot of people no matter what goes on with your team, guys being (injured), you can get a win. You can still play well because it's a team game. It's not just one player out there playing."

There is probably more pressure on the Cowboys (8-7) than the Redskins (9-6). This is the third time in five years Dallas has faced a win-and-in scenario on the road in its final game. Each previous time, not only have the Cowboys lost, they?ve completely flamed out: 44-6 vs. Philadelphia in 2008 and 31-14 vs. the New York Giants (31-14) last year.

Naturally, most fans are expecting the same old Cowboys to show up at FedEx Field, something the players are keenly aware of.

?It can?t be the same ol? story,? tight end Jason Witten said. ?It?s hard to get in this situation and play for a division title. It?s a great opportunity for us. Hopefully those past experiences have helped develop us so we can be better in this situation. But it is, it?s a different experience. Obviously, different opponent and it?s going to be a tough challenge.?

For the Redskins, this is uncharted territory for many of their players, including standout rookie quarterback Robert Griffith III.

"For guys like myself (and) the other rookies, we're fresh into this rivalry," Griffin said. "But we can definitely sense how the fans feel, how some of the guys who have been here for many years feel about the Cowboys, and that's the mindset we have to take on. We're doing it for them. We're doing it for the fans."

One more go ?round for the NFL and the NFC East. Time to see who wants to keep playing. This is more than a statement game, this is a defining game for those that enter.

A look at the three keys for each team heading in Sunday night?s game:

Stop Alfred Morris:
Everyone knows how dangerous of a weapon Griffin can be because you have to fear the run and the pass with him. The Cowboys need to do everything they can to make the Redskins more predictable and one-dimensional, and that means you need to them in bad down and distance situations, particularly on third down.

You do that by stopping rookie running back Alfred Morris, who has 1,413 yards. In the first matchup against the Cowboys, Morris had 113 yards and a touchdown on 24 carries. He?s had at least 20 carries in the Redskins? last seven games.

Limiting Morris is going to be a tough chore for the Cowboys because they?re so beat up. Nose tackle Jay Ratliff is out, and outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware (elbow/shoulder) will have limited reps. Ware will gut it through, but it might not be enough with down to backups Dan Connor, Ernie Sims and Alex Albright at inside linebacker. Sims is questionable after dealing with a concussion.

If Morris is able to run wild and set up Griffin, the rest might not matter.

Grind it out through the air: Because the Redskins are so dynamic offensively and the Cowboys are so beat up, the Cowboys would greatly benefit by winning the time of possession battle. You usually do that on the ground, but the Cowboys are so anemic running the ball ? DeMarco Murray has averaged 3.7 yards per carry since returning from a foot injury.

And he?ll be facing the fifth-ranked Redskins rush defense (95.5 yards per game), that it will be up to quarterback Tony Romo to control the game by throwing it. Romo has been hot in December ? 66.4 completion percentage, 1,328 yards with 10 touchdowns and one interception ? so they need to ride him again.

Keep throwing: The combination of Romo to receiver Dez Bryant has been on fire with 10 touchdowns in the past seven games, including last Sunday?s nine-catch, 224-yard and two-touchdown performance against the Saints. Bryant had eight catches for 145 yards and two touchdowns in the Thanksgiving game against the Redskins.

Washington doesn?t really have anybody to cover Bryant. DeAngelo Hall couldn?t contain him last year, so they tried Josh Wilson this year to no avail. The Redskins could also try rookie Richard Crawford, or the unheralded D.J. Johnson, who had a rough game against the Eagles last week. Even the safety play has been spotty.

In short, Romo and the Cowboys should be able to throw against the Redskins and make some plays, provided the improved offensive line gives him the opportunity.

Make Romo eat elsewhere: The Cowboys will want to pass, and Romo will try to feed Bryant and tight end Jason Witten. Don?t let them. Double-team Bryant with a safety over the top, and pound/re-route Witten as soon as he breaks off the line.

Make Romo try to beat you throwing to unreliable Miles Austin, Kevin Ogletree and Dwayne Harris, and with checkdowns to backs DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones.

The odds are strong that Romo and the Cowboys won?t be able to outpoint the Redskins that way.

Block Anthony Spencer: Cowboys right outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware gets all the accolades, which he should as a perennial All-Pro with 11.5 sacks this season. But left outside linebacker Anthony Spencer has been very good of late as he finished his contract before becoming a free agent.

Ware will wear a brace on his injured right shoulder and have his reps limited, so it will be up to Spencer to pick up the pace. He?s a big key against the Redskins? read-option run game, and has done a great job in that area this season. Spencer is also an emerging pass rusher.

The Redskins are a bit weak at right tackle with starter Tyler Polumbus (concussion) cleared but questionable. Backup Maurice Hurt had some issues last week against the Eagles that he can?t afford against a talent like Spencer.

Don?t stop attacking: The Redskins led the Cowboys 28-3 on Thanksgiving and nearly blew the game. Dallas has made a living out of falling behind early and then rallying for either victory or a close defeat.

The Redskins must continue to put distance between themselves and the Cowboys, because once Romo gets in a groove, he?s hard to stop.

? 2012 NBC Reprints


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Prime-time win for?Redskins

PFT Picks: For the second straight year, the NFC East title game returns to prime time in Week 17. For the second straight year, the Cowboys come up short.

Kacsmar: Do-or-die for some in Week 17

Week 17 offers numerous playoff scenarios, the last two playoff berths, and one more attempt to rewrite the NFL record book. Here is your handy guide to what to watch for this Sunday.


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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Keith Jarrett: The K?ln Concert (Full Album) (Little green footballs)

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Costs For Marketing Mobile Apps Spiked Last Month Even As Downloads Temporarily Dropped

fiksu-costsAs app developers geared up for the super-competitive Christmas season, marketing costs rose by 30 percent in November from the month before, according to Fiksu, a Boston-based company that helps publishers find the most efficient marketing channels. The company said that the cost of getting a “loyal” user, or one that opens an app more than three times, rose to $1.38 from $1.06 in October. That reversed a four-month trend that saw marketing costs decline going into October’s launch of the iPhone 5. Fiksu said the average number of downloads for the top 200 free iPhone apps in the U.S. declined to 4.57 million per day in November, down from 5.4 million in October. This is a temporary decline following the annual bump that comes with the launch of a new Iphone. When consumers get new phones around the annual iPhone launch or Christmas, downloads spike temporarily as people try out new apps or download old favorites. ?We can expect costs and download volumes to climb through December, much like last year, as marketers spend heavily in preparation for the flood of new devices and rush of user activity and app discovery around Christmas,” said Fiksu’s CEO Micah Adler in a statement. Indeed, mobile analytics startup Flurry reported yesterday that app downloads spiked at 328 million on Christmas Day, a record high for a single day since Flurry started measuring app downloads. Downloads per hour peaked early at around 11 a.m. on the 25th, and remained high throughout the day until around 8:30 or 9 p.m. While Christmas represents a single-day peak, Flurry is projecting that app downloads will remain high throughout the next week and into New Year?s Day, ending the holiday period with over 1.5 billion downloads, and possibly reaching as high as 2 billion total. Meanwhile, Fiksu is backed by Charles River Ventures. They’ve accumulated more than 63 billion app actions including launches, registrations and in-app purchases, as well as real-time bidding requests in helping developers find the most optimized ways of getting new users.


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Two Arrested Over Christmas Eve Murder Of Church Organist Alan Greaves

Two men were being questioned on Saturday night about the murder of church organist Alan Greaves, who was attacked on his way to midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

Mr Greaves, 68, was just yards from his church in High Green, Sheffield, when he was badly beaten.

He was discovered by a member of the public and taken to hospital but died from his injuries on Thursday night.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "A man in his 20s and a man in his 40s, both from Sheffield, have been arrested on suspicion of murder and are currently in custody helping police.

"Officers are searching a number of properties in the area and there has been a high-visibility police presence in High Green today."

Detectives are still appealing for witnesses to come forward with any information about the murder.

Mr Greaves, a grandfather and father-of-four, died after sustaining serious head injuries at about 11.15pm on Christmas Eve after leaving his home to go to St Saviour's Church.

Police are treating his death as murder and have said the motive for the attack is unclear.

His widow, church community worker Maureen Greaves, 63, told The Sun last night: "There was no motive.

"We are devastated. It is just not what you expect, somebody to walk down the street and get murdered - and at this time of year as well, it's just dreadful."

Canon Simon Bessant, from St Saviour's, described Mr Greaves as a "good man" who fell victim to an evil act.

He said: "He was a gentle soul. He wasn't foolish - he would have handled the situation as best as anyone would, but we don't know what he encountered."

The Bishop of Sheffield, Dr Steven Croft, has sent a message to every parish in his diocese asking for prayers for Mr Greaves, his widow and their family.

In it, Dr Croft said: "Alan Greaves died on Thursday night following injuries received in an attack on Christmas Eve as he was on his way to church.

"He was a Reader and organist at St Saviour's Mortomley and High Green in Sheffield.

"He was married to Maureen, a Church Army Evangelist, and both Alan and Maureen were widely involved in serving their local community for many years. They have four grown up children.

"Please would you hold Alan's family and the church family at High Green, with Simon Bessant the Vicar and the wider family of Church Army, in your prayers in the coming days and especially this Sunday morning.

"I plan to be with the congregation at High Green on Sunday morning."

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Faith Leonard, Arizona Teacher, Drives To Newtown To Spread Holiday Cheer

  • Charlotte Bacon, 6

    <a href="">From the AP:</a> They were supposed to be for the holidays, but finally on Friday, after hearing much begging, Charlotte Bacon's mother relented and let her wear the new pink dress and boots to school. It was the last outfit the outgoing redhead would ever pick out. Charlotte's older brother, Guy, was also in the school but was not shot. Her parents, JoAnn and Joel, had lived in Newtown for four or five years, JoAnn's brother John Hagen, of Nisswa, Minn., told Newsday. "She was going to go some places in this world," Hagen told the newspaper. "This little girl could light up the room for anyone."

  • Daniel Barden, 7

    <a href="">From the AP:</a> Daniel's family says he was "fearless in the pursuit of happiness in life." He was the youngest of three children and in a statement to the media, his family said Daniel earned his missing two front teeth and ripped jeans. "Words really cannot express what a special boy Daniel was. Such a light. Always smiling, unfailingly polite, incredibly affectionate, fair and so thoughtful towards others, imaginative in play, both intelligent and articulate in conversation: in all, a constant source of laughter and joy," the family said.

  • Rachel D'avino, 29

    <a href="">From the AP: </a>Days before the Connecticut shooting rampage, the boyfriend of Rachel D'Avino had asked her parents for permission to marry her. D'Avino was a behavioral therapist who had only recently started working at the school where she was killed, according to Lissa Lovetere Stone, a friend who is handling her funeral planned for Friday. D'Avino's boyfriend, Anthony Cerritelli, planned to ask her to marry him on Christmas Eve, Lovetere Stone said.

  • Olivia Engel, 6

    <a href="">From the AP:</a> Images of Olivia Rose Engel show a happy child, one with a great sense of humor, as her family said in a statement. There she is, visiting with Santa Claus, or feasting on a slice of birthday cake. Or swinging a pink baseball bat, posing on a boat, or making a silly face. Olivia loved school, did very well in math and reading, and was "insightful for her age," said the statement released by her uncle, John Engel. She was a child who "lit up a room and the people around her." Creative with drawing and designing, she was also a tennis and soccer player and took art classes, swimming, and dance lessons in ballet and hip hop. A Daisy Girl Scout, she enjoyed musical theater.

  • Josephine Gay, 7

    Josephine Gay was nicknamed "Boo" because she looked so much like the character of the same name in the movie "Monsters, Inc.," the <a href="">Denver Post reported.</a> She would set up lemonade stands in the summer, enjoyed riding her bike in the street, and celebrated her 7th birthday only three days before the shooting.

  • Dawn Hochsprung, 47

    <a href="">From the AP: </a> Dawn Hochsprung's pride in Sandy Hook Elementary was clear. She regularly tweeted photos from her time as principal there, giving indelible glimpses of life at a place now known for tragedy. Just this week, it was an image of fourth-graders rehearsing for their winter concert; days before that, the tiny hands of kindergartners exchanging play money at their makeshift grocery store. She viewed her school as a model, telling The Newtown Bee in 2010 that "I don't think you could find a more positive place to bring students to every day." She had worked to make Sandy Hook a place of safety, too, and in October, the 47-year-old Hochsprung shared a picture of the school's evacuation drill with the message "safety first." When the unthinkable came, she was ready to defend. Officials said she died while lunging at the gunman in an attempt to overtake him.

  • Madeline Hsu

    <a href="">Madeline Hsu was "very upbeat and kind," </a>a neighbor told the Wall Street Journal, remembering the young girl's love of bright, flowery dresses.<a href=""> Hsu's face would "light up" </a>when she got off the bus and saw the neighbor's golden retriever each day, the woman told CBS.

  • Catherine V. Hubbard, 6

    <a href="">From the AP:</a> Catherine V. Hubbard, aged six, one of the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, United States, who was shot by Adam Lanza, 20, and died in hospital. Catherine's parents released a statement expressing gratitude to emergency responders and for the support of the community. "We are greatly saddened by the loss of our beautiful daughter, Catherine Violet and our thoughts and prayers are with the other families who have been affected by this tragedy," Jennifer and Matthew Hubbard said. "We ask that you continue to pray for us and the other families who have experienced loss in this tragedy."

  • Chase Kowalski, 7

    <a href="">From the AP:</a> Chase Kowalski was always outside, playing in the backyard, riding his bicycle. Just last week, he was visiting neighbor Kevin Grimes, telling him about completing ? and winning ? his first mini-triathlon. "You couldn't think of a better child," Grimes said.

  • Nancy Lanza, 52

    <a href="">From the AP: </a>She once was known simply for the game nights she hosted and the holiday decorations she put up at her house. Now Nancy Lanza is known as her son's first victim. Authorities say her 20-year-old son Adam gunned her down before killing 26 others at Sandy Hook. The two shared a home in a well-to-do Newtown neighborhood, but details were slow to emerge of who she was and what might have led her son to carry out such horror. Kingston, N.H., Police Chief Donald Briggs Jr. said Nancy Lanza once lived in the community and was a kind, considerate and loving person. The former stockbroker at John Hancock in Boston was well-respected, Briggs said.

  • Jesse Lewis, 6

    <a href="">From the AP:</a> Six-year-old Jesse Lewis had hot chocolate with his favorite breakfast sandwich ? sausage, egg and cheese ? at the neighborhood deli before going to school Friday morning. Jesse and his parents were regulars at the Misty Vale Deli in Sandy Hook, Conn., owner Angel Salazar told The Wall Street Journal. "He was always friendly; he always liked to talk," Salazar said. Jesse's family has a collection of animals he enjoyed playing with, and he was learning to ride horseback. Family friend Barbara McSperrin told the Journal that Jesse was "a typical 6-year-old little boy, full of life."

  • Ana Marquez-Greene, 6

    <a href="">From the AP:</a> A year ago, 6-year-old Ana Marquez-Greene was reveling in holiday celebrations with her extended family on her first trip to Puerto Rico. This year will be heartbreakingly different. The girl's grandmother, Elba Marquez, said the family moved to Connecticut just two months ago, drawn from Canada, in part, by Sandy Hook's sterling reputation. The grandmother's brother, Jorge Marquez, is mayor of a Puerto Rican town and said the child's 9-year-old brother also was at the school but escaped safely.

  • James Mattioli, 6

    <a href="">From the AP:</a> James Mattioli especially loved recess and math, and his family described him as a "numbers guy" who came up with insights beyond his years to explain the relationship between numbers. He particularly loved the concept of googolplex, which a friend taught him. He was born four weeks before his due date, and his family often joked that he came into the world early because he was hungry. They wrote in his obituary that 6-year-old James, fondly called `J,' loved hamburgers with ketchup, his Dad's egg omelets with bacon, and his Mom's french toast. He often asked to stop at Subway and wanted to know how old he needed to be to order a footlong sandwich. He loved sports and wore shorts and T-shirts no matter the weather. He was a loud and enthusiastic singer and once asked, "How old do I have to be to sing on a stage?"

  • Grace Audrey McDonnell, 7

    Grace McDonnell, 7, was a "girly girl" who loved playing dress-up and wearing pink, her grandmother Mary Ann McDonnell told <a href=""> Irish Central.</a> "Grace was like a little doll. She was utterly adorable," said neighbor Dorothy Werden.

  • Anne Marie Murphy, 52

    <a href="">From the AP: </a>A happy soul. A good mother, wife and daughter. Artistic, fun-loving, witty and hardworking. Remembering their daughter, Anne Marie Murphy, her parents had no shortage of adjectives to offer Newsday. When news of the shooting broke, Hugh and Alice McGowan waited for word of their daughter as hours ticked by. And then it came. Authorities told the couple their daughter was a hero who helped shield some of her students from the rain of bullets. As the grim news arrived, the victim's mother reached for her rosary. "You don't expect your daughter to be murdered," her father told the newspaper. "It happens on TV. It happens elsewhere."

  • Emilie Parker, 6

    <a href="">From the AP: </a>Quick to cheer up those in need of a smile, Emilie Parker never missed a chance to draw a picture or make a card. Her father, Robbie Parker, fought back tears as he described the beautiful, blond, always-smiling girl who loved to try new things, except foods. Parker, one of the first parents to publicly talk about his loss, expressed no animosity for the gunman, even as he struggled to explain the death to his other two children, ages 3 and 4. He's sustained by the fact that the world is better for having had Emilie in it. "I'm so blessed to be her dad," he said.

  • Jack Pinto, 6

    <a href="">From the AP:</a> Jack Pinto was a huge New York Giants fan. New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz said he talked to Pinto's family, which is considering burying the 6-year-old boy in Cruz's No. 80 jersey. Cruz honored Jack Sunday on his cleats, writing on them the words "Jack Pinto, My Hero" and "R.I.P. Jack Pinto." "I also spoke to an older brother and he was distraught as well. I told him to stay strong and I was going to do whatever I can to honor him," Cruz said after the Giant's game with the Atlanta Falcons. "He was fighting tears and could barely speak to me." Cruz said he plans to give the gloves he wore during the game to the boy's family, and spend some time with them. "There's no words that can describe the type of feeling that you get when a kid idolizes you so much that unfortunately they want to put him in the casket with your jersey on," he said. "I can't even explain it." Jack's funeral is scheduled for 1 p.m. on Monday at the Honan Funeral Home in Newtown, followed by burial at the Newtown Village Cemetery.

  • Noah Pozner, 6

    <a href="">From the AP:</a> Noah was "smart as a whip," gentle but with a rambunctious streak, said his uncle, Alexis Haller of Woodinville, Wash. Noah's twin sister Arielle, assigned to a different classroom, survived the shooting. He called her his best friend, and with their 8-year-old sister, Sophia, they were inseparable. "They were always playing together, they loved to do things together," Haller said. When his mother, a nurse, would tell him she loved him, he would answer, "Not as much as I love you, Mom." Haller said Noah loved to read and liked to figure out how things worked mechanically. For his birthday two weeks ago, he got a new Wii. "He was just a really lively, smart kid," Haller said. "He would have become a great man, I think. He would have grown up to be a great dad."

  • Caroline Previdi, 6

    Caroline Previdi is remembered as a "sweet" and "precious" girl, <a href="">the Denver Post reported.</a> She loved to draw and dance, and her smile brought happiness to everyone around her, according to her <a href="">obituary.</a>

  • Jessica Rekos, 6

    "Jessica loved everything about horses," her family said in a statement, <a href="">MSNBC reported,</a> adding that they planned on getting their daughter her own horse when she turned 10. "She was a creative, beautiful little girl who loved playing with her little brothers, Travis and Shane," the statement reads. She spent time writing in her journals, making up stories, and doing ?research? on orca whales ? one of her passions after seeing the movie Free Willy last year. She said her dream was to see a real orca. Thankfully her dream was realized in October when she went to SeaWorld.

  • Lauren Rousseau, 30

    <a href="">From the AP: </a>Lauren Rousseau had spent years working as a substitute teacher and doing other jobs. So she was thrilled when she finally realized her goal this fall to become a full-time teacher at Sandy Hook. Her mother, Teresa Rousseau, a copy editor at the Danbury News-Times, released a statement Saturday that said state police told them just after midnight that she was among the victims. "Lauren wanted to be a teacher from before she even went to kindergarten," she said. "We will miss her terribly and will take comfort knowing that she had achieved that dream." Her mother said she was thrilled to get the job. "It was the best year of her life," she told the newspaper.

  • Mary Sherlach, 56

    <a href="">From the AP:</a> When the shots rang out, Mary Sherlach threw herself into the danger. Janet Robinson, the superintendent of Newtown Public Schools, said Sherlach and the school's principal ran toward the shooter. They lost their own lives, rushing toward him. Even as Sherlach neared retirement, her job at Sandy Hook was one she loved. Those who knew her called her a wonderful neighbor, a beautiful person, a dedicated educator. Her son-in-law, Eric Schwartz, told the South Jersey Times that Sherlach rooted on the Miami Dolphins, enjoyed visiting the Finger Lakes, relished helping children overcome their problems. She had planned to leave work early on Friday, he said, but never had the chance. In a news conference Saturday, he told reporters the loss was devastating, but that Sherlach was doing what she loved. "Mary felt like she was doing God's work," he said, "working with the children."

  • Victoria Soto, 27

    <a href="">From the AP:</a> She beams in snapshots. Her enthusiasm and cheer was evident. She was doing, those who knew her say, what she loved. And now, Victoria Soto is being called a hero. Though details of the 27-year-old teacher's death remained fuzzy, her name has been invoked again and again as a portrait of selflessness and humanity among unfathomable evil. Those who knew her said they weren't surprised by reports she shielded her first-graders from danger. "She put those children first. That's all she ever talked about," said a friend, Andrea Crowell. "She wanted to do her best for them, to teach them something new every day." Photos of Soto show her always with a wide smile, in pictures of her at her college graduation and in mundane daily life. She looks so young, barely an adult herself. Her goal was simply to be a teacher. "You have a teacher who cared more about her students than herself," said Mayor John Harkins of Stratford, the town Soto hailed from and where more than 300 people gathered for a memorial service Saturday night. "That speaks volumes to her character, and her commitment and dedication."

  • Benjamin Wheeler, 6

    <a href="">From the AP:</a> Music surrounded Benjamin Wheeler as he grew up in a household where both his mother and father were performers. They left behind stage careers in New York City when they moved to Newtown with Benjamin and his older brother Nate. "We knew we wanted a piece of lawn, somewhere quiet, somewhere with good schools," Francine Wheeler told the Newtown Bee in a profile. She is a music educator and singer-songwriter. Sometimes the musical mother would try out tunes on her own children, with some tunes that she made up for Ben as a baby eventually finding their way onto a CD, she told the newspaper. In writing songs for children, melodies needn't be simplified, she said. "I try to make it my mission to always present good music to kids." Benjamin's father, David, a former film and television actor, writes and performs still, according to a profile on the website of the Flagpole Radio Cafe theater, with which he's performed in Newtown. The family are members of Trinity Episcopal Church, whose website noted that Nate, also a student at Sandy Hook Elementary School, was not harmed in Friday's shooting.

  • Allison Wyatt, 6

    <a href="">Allison Wyatt "loved to laugh</a> and was developing her own wonderful sense of humor that ranged from just being a silly six-year old to coming up with observations that more than once had us crying with laughter,? her family wrote in a statement obtained by NBC. She was talented and wanted to be an artist, and would often "surprise [her family] with random acts of kindness -- once even offering snacks to a complete stranger on a plane."

  • Victoria Soto's Sister, Jillian

    Jillian Soto uses a phone to get information about her sister, Victoria Soto, a teacher at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Conn. Friday, Dec. 14, 2012 after a gunman killed over two dozen people, including 20 children. Victoria Soto, 27, was among those killed. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

  • Emilie Parker, 6

    This photo posted to the Emilie Parker Fund Facebook page shows Emilie Parker and her father Robbie Parker. Fighting back tears and struggling to catch his breath, Robbie Parker the father of 6-year-old Emile Parker who was gunned down in Friday's school shooting in Connecticut told the world about a little girl who loved to draw and was always smiling, and he also reserved surprising words of sympathy for the gunman. (AP Photo/Emilie Parker Fund)

  • Robbie Parker

    Robbie Parker, the father of six-year-old Emilie who was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, fights back tears as he speaks during a news conference, Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012, in Newtown, Conn. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

  • Victoria Soto's Mother, Donna

    STRATFORD, CT - DECEMBER 15: Donna Soto (R), mother of Victoria Soto, the first-grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School who was shot and killed while protecting her students, leans on her son Matthew while mourning their loss at a candlelight vigil in honor of Victoria at Stratford High School on December 15, 2012 in Stratford, Connecticut. Twenty-six people were shot dead, including twenty children, after a gunman identified as Adam Lanza opened fire in the school. Lanza also reportedly had committed suicide at the scene. A 28th person, believed to be Nancy Lanza was found dead in a house in town, was also believed to have been shot by Adam Lanza. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

  • Emilie Parker, 6

    This photo posted to the Emilie Parker Fund Facebook page shows Emilie Parker and her father Robbie Parker. Fighting back tears and struggling to catch his breath, Robbie Parker the father of 6-year-old Emile Parker who was gunned down in Friday's school shooting in Connecticut told the world about a little girl who loved to draw and was always smiling, and he also reserved surprising words of sympathy for the gunman. (AP Photo/Emilie Parker Fund)

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