Friday, July 19, 2013

GBAPS Focus on Safety for New Middle School Football Program

Seventh and eighth graders at all five of Green Bay's middle schools will have the opportunity to play football this season.

The program is designed to improve the four high schools' teams, but?one of the middle schools is making safety a top priority.

Middle school students in the Green Bay School District are gearing up for the chance to play football this season.

"A lot of kids really like tackle football and the Packers are here, they watch it and get excited," said?Fernando Yanez, an eighth grade student at Washington Middle School.

The football coach for East High School says the addition of the middle school program will help improve the teams at Green Bay's four high schools by teaching younger players the fundamentals of football.

"They're going to know how to play a position, how to play guard, how to play quarterback, how to throw the ball properly, run a good route," explained Brian Nast.

Washington Middle School is taking the issue of safety very seriously by holding training camps?? this summer and teaching kids the basics like how to hold a football.

"I really think it's important now that we teach the proper way to do things. It's not just about go out there and hit someone hard anymore. It's more about the proper technique, so you don't injure yourself or the other player," explained Ron Stelson, the seventh grade football coach for Washington Middle School.

The coach for Washington Middle School says he doesn't want kids to be afraid to play the game, so technique and safety go hand in hand.

"You do want to work on skills and anytime there's a teachable moment you take an opportunity and use that teachable moment to teach them safety," added Stelson.

Once the season starts, players will also learn about concussions and be closely monitored after any injuries.


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