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What You Should Know About California Auto Insurance

The laws that govern car insurances vary from one state to another. If you live in California and it is your first time buying a car, you should be aware that the government of California will require you to avail of auto insurance. You should know the specific requirements to avoid any car-related problems in the future.


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Video: Jet makes emergency landing

Passengers on a United Shuttle Air Express jet traveling from Atlanta to Newark had a scare when the plane?s front landing gear failed to deploy. NBC?s Brian Williams reports.

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Online Car Loans Helps You Get A Dream Car | Popular Loan Site

Today has become the latest trend in the search for a car loan online. With the help of the internet, you can find companies that offer car loans like eloan, roadloans, RoadLoans ? Auto Finance Made EasyRoadLoans is auto loan Internet has helped tens of thousands of SEO Specialist customers purchase the cars they want, or refinance their own current . can guide you through the process of automotive credit and show the benefits of securing a direct auto loan. Applying for auto loans or auto refinancing with RoadLoans quick and easy, and allows you to shop for your car the day you apply. and even Yahoo now has auto finance section where you can compare Capital One Financial and Mobil immediately.

The first thing you should know when you start your search online for new or used car loan is that you will see interest rates or a table like this in April of each site you visit. Of course, this chart looks very inviting and you are more than ready to sign the dotted line and receive your online car loan. However, it is not as simple as that. The numbers are usually for people with great credit. So, do not be fooled when you look for a car loan online or offline. Your credit has everything to do with what interest rate you must pay for your new or used car. search online for car loans best One reason is that you can sign up online and do not visit each dealer or loan company in person and have to sit there until they are collecting information to give you a quote. Many times it can take hours, while online you can receive a quote in minutes delivered directly to your email. You do not have to speak with loan officers, listening to their hype, and not feel pressured to get a loan through them. You can receive different offers from more than one auto loan companies online and can decide which is more suitable to your budget.

There are many sites currently online, which can help you, decide how much you can spend on a car, determine the value of the car you want, and help you understand the credit process and how to receive your own credit report. You will be able to compare different companies offering an interest rate, using a personal chart to determine your monthly loan payment and then fill out an online loan application at the right website. Most of the time, fill out an online application that is similar to the one you have to fill out in person, because a car loan companies require the same information to see if you qualify for an auto loan. In most cases, you will be notified via your personal email and in some cases by telephone. Once you are approved for a car loan online, you will receive a draft checks in the mail to be used at the dealership to buy a new or used car, remember, the most important thing is to shop around and compare. Do not believe that you will get the best rate unless you know that your credit score is very good.

But remember you have to be careful because many websites are scams so beware of websites that offer no real address. Just because you find online companies that offer car loans does not mean that they are real. Do your homework unless you use a big name as listed above. If you plan to seek a better deal and are willing to search through thousands of web sites, search for a permanent address and telephone number. There are scams out there that will offer you a loan but tells you that you have to place an advance order for them to lend. Never, ever, send money to receive a loan no matter how small the amount that you do not want to send the requested payment.


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Hemroids All-natural Treatment | Forex Festival

Hemorrhoids, from the rectum, occur once the abnormal veins will not be going back more than enough our blood here we are at the very center. When this occurs, the spider vein wall space will not acquire more than enough air and to discharge substance into the our blood that creates them get bigger and turn inflamed. This bloating weakens them as well as their prone to break should they be rubbed, like during a bowel movements.

If your chairs take time and effort, you then have a considerably increased prospects for busting a bloating spider vein. This is why obtaining your chairs less harsh is an stage on the way to clearing your hemorrhoid flare-ups. This can be done we are not a higher fiber diet plan and utilizing ares treatment options which help ease irregular bowel movements.
Hemorrhoids can are present inside rectum, or on the outside of the epidermis surrounding the rectum.
They are the blue veins of your rectum. Much like blue veins from the thighs, the rectum abnormal veins come to be enflamed accessible towards the skin and pooch out.
They typically occur when you find yourself constipated for long cycles, take long hours, raise large products, or are expectant.

If youre constipated, youre possibly having trouble using a bowel movements. Then when one does, your chairs tend to be small, very difficult, and dried up. If you should thrust and anxiety or lay on the toilet for 10-15 minutes, then google chrome have a hemorrhoid flare-ups at some time. Several mins is all you ordinarily should have an all natural bowel movements.

Over 85Percentage of your human population will end up having haemorrhoids once or twice within their everyday life. Hemroids absolutely are a indication that fecal matter seriously isn?t moving by your intestines as if it ought to. Simple hemorrhoid flare-ups will not be risky for a health and fitness, but hemorrhoid flare-ups which have been setting up for quite a while may cause you some discomfort, for instance,

Mucus launch,
Bleeding showing within your chairs or leaking into the bathroom drinking water,
Itching externally the rectum
Pain from the rectum area and throughout a bowel movements,
Pain from the rectum domeny area, if you sit down,
Soft stuffed area from the rectum or rectum that give you a emotion that anything is there

Please do call at your medical professional if the hemorrhoid flare-ups are painful, have excessive hemorrhage, or chairs have improvement in colouring from carrier brown lightly to dim black or brown.
Just observe as well, associated with a increase in the rectum, hemorrhage during a bowel movements, and numerous chairs colouring. Then do something to check out these improvements.

Thankfully there is a reputable totally pure and quick solution towards the trouble of haemorrhoids, that will be the response to most sufferers, however you ought to consult an expert if the hemorrhoid flare-ups will not be eased within two or three days.

Wishing you considerably relief and comfort.

from your own site.


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Sheikh Hatem Al Haj :: QA Section :: Food and Drinks :: Is Kopi ...

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New?discovery resurrects 'Jesus Tomb' debate

One of the designs etched on a bone box found within a 1st-century Jerusalem tomb suggests the biblical story of Jonah and the fish, which held significant symbolism for early Christians.

By Alan Boyle

Using a remote-controlled camera on the end of a robotic arm, investigators have found what could be the earliest evidence of a Christian iconography in Jerusalem, engraved on a set of "bone boxes" inside a nearly intact 1st-century tomb.

One of the limestone boxes, known more formally as an ossuary, carries a Greek inscription calling on God to "rise up" or "raise up" someone. Another box shows the carved image of a fish, perhaps with the prophet Jonah in its mouth. Allusions to fish and the "sign of Jonah" came to be widely used among early Christians, but not among Jerusalem's Jews.

Those discoveries alone would be enough to get biblical scholars excited. But the investigators in this case are the same people who claimed five years ago that ossuaries from a nearby tomb were engraved with the names of the biblical Jesus and his family. They're putting forth this new find as supporting evidence for their earlier claims, and resurrecting the topic in a newly published book ("The Jesus Discovery") as well as a Discovery Channel documentary that's due to air this spring.

"This does reopen the whole question about the 'Jesus Tomb,'" James Tabor, a scriptural scholar at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, told me.

That almost guarantees that the link to Jesus will take center stage once again in the discussion of the discovery, with most archaeologists discounting the connection. There's even a chance that the renewed controversy would push this most recent find out of the spotlight. That would be a terrible shame, said John Dominic Crossan, an expert on 1st-century Christianity and former Catholic priest who is a professor emeritus at DePaul University.

"It's a stunning discovery," he said. "It's a stunning piece of technology. As a scholar, I really don't want to get lost in saying, 'Oh, come on, it's off the wall.' Yeah, it's off the wall. But look at the wall!"

James Tabor / UNCC

Engineer Walter Klassen and filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici hold the camera-equipped robotic arm in its folded-up configuration.

Or in this case, look at the box.

How the boxes were found
Tabor and documentary filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici located both of the 1st-century tombs ? the so-called Jesus Family Tomb as well as the one with the newly revealed inscriptions ? in a Jerusalem neighborhood known as Talpiot years ago. They looked into previous claims that the bone boxes in the Jesus Family Tomb were marked with names that meshed with the names of Jesus' brothers and sisters, as mentioned in the Gospels. The investigators went on to cite a statistical analysis of name frequency as evidence that the family interred in the caskets was that of Jesus.

Most provocatively, they pointed to one box that was said to contain the remains of Jesus, and another containing the remains of "Judah, son of Jesus." These claims ran counter to the mainstream Christian view that Jesus made a bodily resurrection after his crucifixion and death, and that he did not marry or have children. To explain the seeming discrepancy with the Gospels, Tabor and his colleagues suggested that early Christians did not necessarily believe in a bodily resurrection, but rather a spiritual resurrection in which Jesus left behind the "old clothes" of the flesh.

The first book ("The Jesus Family Tomb") and TV documentary ("The Lost Tomb of Jesus") set off a wave of protests, with skeptics saying that Tabor and Jacobovici were sensationalizing an unprovable assertion. Despite the criticism, the team continued their work, focusing on the other tomb. This tomb was only briefly examined in 1981 before protests by Orthodox Jews, concerned about the disturbance of a gravesite, forced an end to the archaeological study. The tomb was sealed back up, and a condominium was built over it. Tabor and his colleagues refer to this tomb as the "Patio Tomb," because a patio sits almost directly above the tomb.

Israel's civil and religious authorities were resistant to efforts to reopen the Patio Tomb, so Tabor, Jacobovici and their colleagues came up with an unorthodox alternative: They suggested building a robotic arm that could be extended down vent holes and drill holes into the tomb, to a maximum length of more than 15 feet. The authorities gave their permission, and the documentary team proceeded with their remote-controlled video exploration in June 2010.

James Tabor / UNCC

Investigators shot imagery of the 1st-century Jerusalem tomb and the bone boxes inside the tomb using a robotic arm, as shown in this video frame.

The filmmakers peered into niches cut into the tomb and found several inscribed bone boxes, including one that was left ajar to reveal the bones still within. In one of the niches, two boxes were jammed close together. As the robotic arm maneuvered to look at the side of one of the boxes, one of the investigators cried out, "Wait, wait, stop there!" A design had been etched into the limestone ? a design that looked like a fish with a stick figure hanging out of its mouth.

The meaning of the inscriptions
After consulting with other scriptural experts, the investigators concluded that the etching showed a representation of Jonah and the fish. The biblical tale of the prophet who was swallowed by a giant fish, only to be vomited up alive three days later, had a special resonance for early Christians, who believed in Jesus' resurrection after three days in a tomb. The image of the fish, which would not typically be carved on a Jewish ossuary, suggested to Tabor and his colleagues that this might be the earliest surviving example of a Christian marking on an artifact in Jerusalem.

The team's excitement grew when they saw the inscription on the box sitting next to the one with the fish: A four-line inscription in Greek appeared to refer to a belief in the resurrection. The inscription could be read as "Divine Jehovah, raise up, raise up," or "The Divine Jehovah raises up to the Holy Place," or "Divine Jehovah, raise up [abbreviated name]."

"This inscription has something to do with resurrection of the dead, either of the deceased in the ossuary, or perhaps, given the Jonah image nearby, an expression of faith in Jesus' resurrection," Tabor said in a news release.

Live Poll

What do you think of the Patio Tomb discovery?

  • 177176

    It strengthens my faith.


  • 177177

    It strengthens the case for the "Jesus Tomb."


  • 177178

    It's interesting, but has no personal impact.


  • 177179

    It's not interesting.


VoteTotal Votes: 5827

The Jesus connection
Tabor and his colleagues tie this latest discovery to their earlier claims by suggesting that the two tombs were part of one complex, which might have been chiseled out by a wealthy supporter of Jesus and his disciples. They even name their prime suspect: Joseph of Arimathea, a high-ranking religious official who was said in the Gospels to have arranged Jesus' burial. In the investigators' view, the fact that they found such a strong connection to early Christianity in the Patio Tomb strengthens their original claims for the Jesus Family Tomb, which is 200 feet away.

"We now have the new archaeological evidence, literally written in stone, that can guide us in properly understanding what Jesus' earliest followers meant by their faith in Jesus' resurrection from the dead ? with his earthly remains, and those of his family, peacefully interred just yards away," Tabor and Jacobovici wrote.

Crossan said that was too much of a leap. "There's nothing that associates [the Patio Tomb] with Joseph of Arimathea," he said.

He said the two tombs may well have no relationship to each other: "This whole area is riddled with tombs, as far as we can tell."

Ben Witherington, a New Testament scholar at Asbury Theological Seminary, voiced a similar view. "The attempt to connect [the Patio Tomb] to the other tombs is sheer conjecture, unless the tombs were connected," he told me.

Witherington said the connections made in the newly published book were similar to those put forth in Tabor's earlier work. "Most of us who have evaluated his work would say, OK, all very interesting, but it's building one speculation on another speculation," he said.

However, Witherington was intrigued by the fish carving. "We have early Christian ossuaries with the fish symbol ... in the 2nd century, if not back into the 1st century," he said. "That is the early Christian symbol for I-Ch-Th-Y-S ... 'Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.' What we don't have any evidence for is that symbol on Jewish ossuaries."

The words of the inscription also caught Witherington's interest. "They imply a belief about the resurrection," he said.

It is thought that the use of such bone boxes in Jerusalem ceased in the year 70, due to the Roman destruction of the city. Thus, there's a chance that the residents buried in the Patio Tomb actually lived during the time of Jesus and his first disciples. However, Crossan noted that Christians weren't the only ones in 1st-century Jerusalem who held a religious belief in resurrection. The Pharisees and the Essenes also looked forward to the resurrection of the righteous, he said.

"What I would say is ... this is a rich Pharisee, a rich person in the 1st century who believes in the resurrection," Crossan told me. "We always thought that [the image of] Jonah coming out of the fish was peculiarly Christian. Maybe that's one more thing that the early Christians took from Jewish tradition, and this would be the first evidence."

More about biblical archaeology:

An academic paper on the Patio Tomb project is being posted to The Bible and Interpretation on Tuesday, and Tabor says the paper will be submitted for print publication as well. A press event about the project and the Discovery Channel documentary has been scheduled for 11 a.m. ET Tuesday at Discovery Times Square in New York City. Funding for the project was provided by Discovery Channel / Vision Television / Associated Producers. Tabor's colleague in obtaining the excavation license from the Israel Antiquities Authority was Rami Arav, professor of archaeology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Alan Boyle is's science editor. Connect with the Cosmic Log community by "liking" the log's Facebook page, following @b0yle on Twitter or adding Cosmic Log's Google+ page to your circle. You can also check out "The Case for Pluto," my book about the controversial dwarf planet and the search for other worlds.


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Mercedes Benz working Apple?s Siri into its cars (Appolicious)

Apple has found a lot of success in adding the voice-activated personal assistant software Siri to its iPhone 4S. Apparently, other companies are taking notice.

At the Mobile World Congress this weekend in Barcelona, Spain, Mercedes Benz rolled out plans to integrate Siri into its ?Drive Kit Plus? program. This will essentially allow drivers to access their iPhone apps using only their voices while driving.

The story comes from the International Business Times. Mercedes Benz, the publication reports, already has a software program that projects the iPhone screen onto an in-car system to allow users to make use of their smartphones without having to divert their attention from driving. Drive Kit Plus interacts with the existing systems to allow a hands-free method of accessing lots of different iPhone systems while driving, like music, text messaging and email. Drivers can even send updates to Facebook and Twitter with Siri?s help.

On the iPhone 4S, Siri also is capable of handling navigation commands, bringing up directions to specific places when asked questions as well as when given instructions. It?s not hard to see how well the technology behind Siri can translate into being used in a car, and it sounds like hands-free navigation will be one of the biggest selling points for Siri and Drive Kit Plus.

The Mercedes Benz-Apple partnership marks the first time Apple has allowed Siri to control non-iPhone systems, the International Business Times reports, so it sounds like the software?s integration in Mercedes Benz cars? systems will be pretty deep. It makes sense that Apple is extending the coolness factor of Siri; already, it represents some cutting-edge voice recognition technology. Siri was probably the major reason that the iPhone 4S sold in record quantities when it was released last year. By finding partnerships that extend Siri to new platforms and show off its power, Apple further solidifies the brand and deepens the perception that in order to get Siri and its capabilities, customers need to buy Apple products.

Apple isn?t going to be careless with how it makes Siri available to users and to other platforms, but its Mercedes Benz partnership certainly suggests that we could see Siri showing up in other devices and products. That could potentially be a very cool development: while Siri isn?t quite smart enough to help drivers in emergencies and replace human-based services like OnStar, it should offer a lot of versatility to drivers. Hopefully Apple will find other interesting platforms to spread its voice recognition technology.


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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Matt Lauer to Grill Lindsay Lohan Thursday

Lindsay Lohan has arrived in New York City to begin rehearsals for Saturday Night Live, and while she's in the Big Apple, she'll be interviewed on The Today Show.

The 25-year-old is “very excited” to be hosting SNL, and also to give a no-holds-barred interview with a journalist she respects as part of her image rehabilitation.

The source says that Lindsay’s Today Show interview will air Thursday.

Lindsay Lohan Cleavage Pic

"Lindsay agreed to go on Today for a no holds barred interview ... She has tremendous respect for Matt Lauer, who will be doing the interview,” a source said.

“Lindsay is nervous about hosting SNL, but that is to be expected. She is grateful for the opportunity and won't let (executive producer) Lorne Michaels down.”

“Lindsay has been a longtime fan of Saturday Night Live and is incredibly excited to work with the amazing cast and writers," her rep, Steve Honig, adds.

Last week, Lohan got a glowing report and praise from the judge handling her theft case. Judge Stephanie Sautner said she's got "her life back on track."

If all goes according to plan, she could be off probation in April.


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What Are The Advantages Of Debt Management ... - Your Finance Info


What Are The Advantages Of Debt Management Plan


Are you in need of a plan which can help you in saving lots of interest cost and reduce the debt payment? If you are looking for any such program, debt management plan is what that can help you in this direction. It helps you both by cutting your monthly payments and lowering your interest rates, there are various benefits associated with the debt management plan. Let?s discover them.


Reduced interest rate

Interest rate can get significantly reduced on your debts and bills that are to be paid by carrying out some simple negotiations with your creditors. If you have chosen the alternative method by arranging a debt consolidation company for yourself, they can conduct the talks with your clients on your behalf. On the basis of talks conducted, the company serving as a mediator can also restructure the payments so that the debts can be managed in a better way.


Debt repayment plan

Debt repayment plan will received by you from time to time by your collection agencies or creditors. This new debt repayment plan will help you by reducing your interest rates significantly. This will help you in paying the bill payments with less amount of interest involved. This is being done to ensure that you at least pay away the principal involved with some amount of simple interest as well.


Single monthly payment

When you arrange a debt management company to work for you, are not required to make multiple payments to every creditor and to pay your bills. You are just required to provide your company with the required amount of payment and it will disperse it all by itself.


Avoid collection calls

By hiring debt management plan or company, you are also facilitated with a distance from the calls of collection agencies once you sign up your power of attorney with the consolidation company.


Improve your credit

It is obvious, that once you have charged off and default accounts with some late payments will tend to have negative impact upon your credit score. After getting enrolled in debt management plan, your credit score will improve on its own. Also when all the debts are being filled successfully, the company enrolled by you works automatically and talk with your credit reporters to improve your credit,


Become debt free soon

Debt management plan aims at improving your condition by following some strategies. They aim at paying a little more than the mimumm desired amount. This helps in eliminating the debt very easily. With this, you don?t have to live with your debt for a long time. This is the reason that why debt management plans are getting popular day by day.


Removal of late fees

When you are undergoing a situation of debt, it?s natural that you won?t be able to pay all the bills and other things. This will then pile up thus creating more amount of money that needs to be paid at once. All this can be significantly reduce with the help of debt consolidation program.


What Are The Advantages Of Debt Management Plan?

Debt Management Plan


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Gaming Grannies: 'World of Warcraft' Boosts Cognitive Abilities (

[unable to retrieve full-text content] - Playing a popular online game may improve some older adults' abilities to focus their attention, a new study suggests.


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Come across New and Used Maserati for Sale | Monster Article

Hacked by THA Disaster [TheHackersArmy]

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Classes For Children, Adults and Seniors Near Your Coto De Caza ...

Watch out parents of curious tikes! You and your little guy or girl might find your inner magician, but it will keep them entertained for hours later when they are perfecting all of their skills! If you live in Coto de Caza, you may want to attend a new class for beginner magicians and their parent(s). The Bell Tower Regional Community Center is offering a Level 1 Magic Class for children and parents on Thursday, March 1, at 7:00 pm for free! Parent and child will work as a team and will take home two tricks weekly for a total of eight tabletop magic tricks. Children ages 8 and up are eligible for this course and parent participation is required with a child. A second child may register for free with a registered sibling and adults without kids are also welcome. Also offered at the Center is a Walking Group weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:30am ? 11:15am. Come enjoy this free service to help you stay healthy and fit while the kids are in school! And for the Seniors in your life, remember that the Bell Tower Regional Community Center offers a host of activities to challenge their minds and entertain them close to their home in Coto de Caza. Some of the ongoing activities for Seniors include Bingo, Senior Game Day, Card games and even Blood Pressure Checks. All of these services are free and provide socializing in a comfortable and uplifting environment. For more information, click here.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

direct line travel insurance: identifiable apiece: piratical ...

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Immigration (24), Intellectual Property (6), Medical Malpractice (35), National State Local (1), Patents (1), Personal Injury (105), Real Estate Law (140), Trademarks (3), News and Society (819), Crime (29), Eco Innovations (1) ...


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An Astrive Student loan ? the Point Behind it | http://pegaworld2010 ...

Posted on February 25th, 2012 by admin

Students who want to pursue a great college education need worry now not. The Astrive student loan takes the fear out of financing educational expenses. Obtaining this student loan is such some smooth process that the borrower will end up sitting in class instantly!

The most valuable, effective way to complete the approval process is almost always to find someone to co-sign a finance. Students who have bad credit ratings or have not even yet established sufficient credit to hunt loans will believe that it is very helpful to use a co-signer. A co-signer using good credit can assist the borrower to getting a lower interest rate and signing fees than she or he would otherwise expertise. Persons who experience good credit backing is usually approved for these loans in mere 5 working days or weeks. To qualify, students must provide you with the lender with the identity from the prospective institution. One important take note of is that only brought on attending school not less than half-time are qualified to apply for these loans.

Do you?re confident you know the best path to financial freedom together with wealth? You might be surprised around the small actions to achieve what they have achieved. The steps that will good finances can be targeted control on your money. Getting your personal finances as a way will make it easier to gain total management over where money is going.

How to fix credit scores? A few range of ideas covered under exclusive finance. Personal financing covers areas including budgeting, retirement, expenditure of money and debt dealing with. Personal Finance Tips covers umpteen things that is because of him your money, from getting to spending it.

Heir apparent identifies a person designated to get property bequeathed from a last will together with testament. Within this U. S. every Will must include an heir apparent, but property may also be gifted to several heirs and beneficiaries.

The person deemed heir apparent within the Will cannot end up displaced from getting inheritance gifts. In essence, this title destinations them next in line to get estate assets, whether or not the person seriously isn?t a blood relative from the decedent. A good model is that from the surviving spouse.

How to get good credit? It is quite unnerving to that when confronted by financial needs, you find it difficult to fulfill them. Arranging finance can prove to be difficult as pre-owned between the choices is difficult. Throughout personal finance, the borrower normally takes up the money easily for your partner?s needs without a whole lot difficulty and stress.

When the have to have arises for coordinating finance, the borrowers are suggested trend online and researching. This will assist him in getting lower rate deals as competition can be quite stiff through the online mode. The borrowers may well compare the deals available to them that will choose the one with all the lowest rates.

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Buffalo Grove girl skates alongside Olympic champ Evan Lysacek ...


Feb 25

Buffalo Grove girl skates alongside Olympic champ Evan Lysacek - PhotoGallery - Chicago Sun-Times


Buffalo Grove girl skates alongside Olympic champ Evan Lysacek ? PhotoGallery ? Chicago Sun-Times

Feb 24

Buffalo Grove girl skates alongside Olympic champ Evan Lysacek - Chicago Sun-Times


Buffalo Grove girl skates alongside Olympic champ Evan Lysacek ? Chicago Sun-Times

Buffalo Grove girl skates alongside Olympic champ Evan Lysacek ? Chicago Sun-Times.

Updated: February 23, 2012 4:28PM

Everything else in the room disappeared, and Rudi Baruch?s dream came true.

Baruch, 14, got the ice-skating lesson of a lifetime Thursday when she spent an hour training with and learning from her favorite sport?s reigning Olympic champion. The dream-come-true was funded by her father, David, and dreamed up by her mother, Wynne, a year and a half ago, when they happenstanced their way into a charity fundraiser.

?For me, it was the only item in the room,? Wynne Baruch said Thursday. ?I saw the ice skate, I saw the opportunity, and I flipped.?

The opportunity was a lesson with Evan Lysacek, arguably the greatest ice skater the Chicago area has yet produced. The gold medalist of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Lysacek is also the 2009 world champion, 2007 and 2008 national champion, a 2006 Olympian and ? an honor befitting an athlete willing to donate his time for charity ? the U.S. Olympic Committee?s SportsMan of the Year in 2010.

The charity was the Court Appointed Special Advocates of Lake County, a non-profit organization of volunteers who assist abused and neglected children as their cases wind through the court system. David Baruch?s company had reserved a table at the group?s CASAblanca fundraiser on Nov. 7, 2010, and when the couple perused the items in the live and silent auctions, the lesson with Lysacek nearly jumped up and grabbed Wynne Baruch.

?My daughter is a passionate skater,? she said.

The idea turned into a bidding war, though. David Baruch gave his wife a price ceiling, and her final offer was at his maximum. But it exceeded the next closest bid and became the then-12-year-old Rudi Baruch?s bat mitzvah present.

Rudi was 14 Thursday when she finally laced up with and glided alongside Lysacek. Bonnie Wolinski, CASA Lake County?s development director, noted that the former Naperville resident now lives in Los Angeles and keeps the busy schedule of an Olympic champion.

?It took a while to coordinate everything,? Wolinski said after the skate had finally come to fruition.

Lysacek?s father?s birthday brought him back into town.

?It was fantastic, and so worth the wait,? Wynne Baruch said of her daughter?s opportunity. ?It was an unbelievable experience.?

Buffalo Grove teen hits the ice with Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek ? Buffalo Grove news, photos and events ?

Buffalo Grove teen hits the ice with Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek ? Buffalo Grove news, photos and events ?

Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek made a stop at Twin Rinks Ice Pavilion Thursday to teach a Buffalo Grove figure skater a few things.

Rudi Baruch, 14, spent Thursday morning doing Salchows and loop jumps with Naperville-native Lysacek, who took home the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010.
Rudi Baruch finishes her lesson with Evan Lysacek with a smile. (Michelle Stoffel/Tribune)
Baruch?s parents won the private lesson at a CASA Lake County fundraiser gala auction in 2010, but were finally able to make the lesson happen this week when Lysacek came to town visiting family ? and to celebrate his dad?s birthday.

Baruch was pretty excited when her parents presented the lesson as a birthday gift.

?I was screaming at home,? she said.

Baruch has been figure skating for almost four-and-a-half years and about a year ago took on coach Denise Myers, who has known Lysacek since he was a boy.

?Her drive really kicked in when she started working with Denise,? said Wynne Baruch, Rudi?s mom. ?She puts herself to bed at 8:30 so she can get up at 5 in the morning. She just takes it so seriously.?

She would like to compete in national competitions, but Wynne Baruch said her daughter?s main focus is nailing the next jump.

After the lesson, Rudi Baruch was ready to take all Lysacek?s tips and techniques out for another spin.

Lysacek said he had a good time with Baruch, and was encourage at how quickly she picked up some difficult moves.

?People take for granted the strength it takes to make these jumps,? he said after the hour-long lesson.

Though Lysacek has not competed recently, he is in training for future competitions, including the 2014 Olympics, his mother, Tanya Lysacek said.

David Baruch said the lesson was an amazing experience and that he will always remember the way his daughter?s face lit up when Lysacek moved her head to adjust her alignment.

?Her face beamed,? he said. ?She was just beaming.?

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Irving leads Team Chuck to Rising Stars game win

Charlotte Hornets' Kemba Walker (1), of Team Shaq , shoots past Indiana Pacers' Paul George (24), of Team Chuck, during the NBA All-Star Rising Stars Challenge basketball game in Orlando, Fla. Friday, Feb. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Mike Ehrmann, Pool)

Charlotte Hornets' Kemba Walker (1), of Team Shaq , shoots past Indiana Pacers' Paul George (24), of Team Chuck, during the NBA All-Star Rising Stars Challenge basketball game in Orlando, Fla. Friday, Feb. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Mike Ehrmann, Pool)

New York Knicks' Landry Fields (2), of Team Shaq, shoots past Utah Jazz's Gordon Hayward (20), of Team Chuck, during the NBA All-Star Rising Stars Challenge basketball game in Orlando, Fla. Friday, Feb. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Mike Ehrmann, Pool)

Phoenix Suns' Markieff Morris (11), of Team Shaq, dunks the ball during the NBA All-Star Rising Stars Challenge basketball game in Orlando, Fla. Friday, Feb. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

Cleveland Cavaliers' Tristan Thompson (13), of Team Shaq, dunks the ball during the NBA All-Star Rising Stars Challenge basketball game in Orlando, Fla. Friday, Feb. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

Utah's Derrick Favors (15), of Team Chuck, defends against New York Knicks' Larry Fields (2), of Team Shaq, during the NBA All-Star Rising Stars Challenge basketball game in Orlando, Fla. Friday, Feb. 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

(AP) ? Kyrie Irving kicked off the aerial display with an alley-oop to Paul George. Cleveland's rookie point guard then showed off his long-range shooting skills.

It was so much fun that Irving wasn't too upset that all those 3-pointers came in a meaningless game.

Irving was a perfect 8 for 8 from beyond the arc and finished with 34 points, helping Team Chuck beat Team Shaq 146-133 in the Rising Stars Challenge on Friday.

Indiana's George added 23 points but the night belonged to Irving, who picked up where another No. 1 overall pick left off in the NBA's showcase game for its first- and second-year players. Wizards point guard John Wall earned MVP honors last season when he was a rookie.

Irving said he couldn't remember being so hot from the field.

"No, it's never occurred in my career," he said. "You know, it's kind of unfortunate that it comes in the All-Star game. These stats don't carry over into the season. But at the end of the day, it was still fun to get out there with those talented guys. So it was a great experience."

Cleveland's Tristan Thompson scored 20 points to lead Team Shaq. New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin only had two points.

This year's Rising Stars Challenge had a different format, with the rookie and second-year players mixed together on teams for the first time. The league also inserted a little more name recognition with former stars Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley serving as general managers and drafting the teams.

While the teams had a different look, there was once again no real defensive effort and plenty of fan-pleasing fast breaks and flashy play.

"It's what All-Star games are, there's not a lot of defense," Team Chuck co-head coach Maurice Cheeks said.

Lin had a relatively quiet night. His biggest highlight came early in the second half when he took a pass from Minnesota star Ricky Rubio and drove it underneath for a reverse layup.

He played just nine minutes before heading to the bench in the second half, and instead mostly yielded to the more high-flying players on his team. He took just four shots.

Landry Fields, who plays with Lin on the Knicks, remained his biggest fan, holding a "Linsanity" Time magazine cover featuring him.

"It was fun to be out there with all these guys, and this guy right here (pointing to magazine) did his thing," Fields said. "Short minutes, but he still did his thing."

Irving got the game off to a rousing start with the pass to George, and Rubio turned routine passes to his Shaq teammates into behind-the-back and between-the-leg looks.

It was part of an acrobatic early tone that was fast-paced and allowed the next generation of stars to showcase open-court and aerial skills that have already made many of them fan favorites on their respective teams.

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin had several highlights while playing for Team Shaq, catching several alley-oops and even throwing his own pass off the glass and catching it for a dunk.

"There were a lot of dunks," Team Shaq co-head coach Ron Adams said. "I think the guys had fun. I hope we didn't set a Guinness Book of World Records record for dunks given, but it was a fun game. Interesting game."

Associated Press


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Domain Name Registration Services and Online Brand Protection ...


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Enhance Your State Of Mind Using These Self Help Guidelines ...

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Enhance Your State Of Mind Using These Self Help Guidelines. Living healthy is among the simplest points to accomplish on this modern age. There exists a lot great info readily available, instantly, that will help you arrive at ...


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Friday, February 24, 2012

User:HomeImprovement34 - JellifishMinecraftWiki

From JellifishMinecraftWiki

At any time sensed in which rewarding your needs considerably outshines the bucks anyone create?? Properly, just about all I will declare is??Join the tribe!?? These days, home improvement loan online secured the actual speed of existence is constantly strengthening a record together with price hikes along with goes up inside the lifestyle becoming a standard function. While in the financial disaster, these days, choosing credit is not any lengthier considered taboo; and it's also a more useful outlet. Although there are a selection associated with financial loans to pick from, Unsecured loans really are a favored remedy. Signature loans are generally associated with a couple of sorts Secured Unsecured loans and Unprotected Unsecured loans.

Personal Secured finance are safer and also safer to get compared to unguaranteed versions. Personalized Secured personal loans are individuals financial products that you can avail of by putting equity using the collector. Collateral is often a security you position with the loan company until complete repayment. It is usually in the form of house, your own home, a car, and many others. In the event of secured finance, if your complete bank loan volume isn't given back much like the particular credit rating understanding, the lending company could pursue a person from the legitimate technique; however, this is actually the worst type of case situation. By inserting equity, the element of risk for that creditor will be radically diminished; this kind of staying exhibited through the low interest rates supplied upon these Personal Secured finance. The quantity that will becomes offered with the bank loan might be put to use in any kind according to the need - it may be for higher education, home advancements as well as to go after which long lost dream.

Benefits of Private Secured finance:

?Personal Secured finance possess a larger Bank loan market and you'll definitely locate a Attached Mortgage loan custom-made for your wants. One-man shop as well as unemployed also provide to be able to obtain financial products with regard to they've got security to back again their particular needs.

?Secured Lending options are simpler to receive when compared with Unsecured loans since credit card companies can usually choose to alternative together with safety.

?As Personalized Secured motor finance are guaranteed by simply equity, the majority of creditors approve financial products also throughout situations of C. C. J?s, foreclosures, county courtroom conclusions as well as financial debt. This makes secured motor finance available to people that would certainly in any other case not necessarily be eligible for credit from other nearby financial institution.

?Personal Secured finance come with a reduced interest due to stability put with them. Rate of interest is termed as ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATES (Apr) which is usually 6% for you to 25%.

?If you might have exceptional credit history and great economic standing you will probably have sums ranging approximately 125% of your house worth.

?Depending around the value associated with equity, loan companies offer significant amounts including??5, 000 to be able to??75, 000 or maybe more, having a settlement time period regarding 3?: 25 several years.

?Personal Secured personal loans are usually accredited after the particular borrower?s dependability and the collateral presented are generally verified by way of a credit verify.

?A Private secured bank loan may help you to get back collateral home improvement loan online secured that could in any other case remain dormant inside your home, allowing you to make full use of cash that would otherwise continue being unobtainable.


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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Motorola Defy Mini hits Italy in March

Motorola Defy Mini

The Motorola Defy Mini will be available in Italy in March, the manufacturer announced this morning. It brings with it a diminutive 3.2-inch display and 600 MHz processor running Android 2.3.6. It's got a mere 128MB of ROM and 512MB of RAM, has DLNA and an FM radio, and the whole thing's covered in Gorilla Glass and is powered by a 1650 mAh battery. Pricing wasn't announced, but Motorola says it "won't break the bank."

Check out our Motorola Defy Minin hands-on from CES.

read more


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Slain soldier's dad burns NJ flag in Whitney protest

By msnbc news services

A western Michigan man whose son was killed while serving in the military has burned a replica of New Jersey's flag to protest that state's decision to lower it in honor of performer Whitney Houston.

John Burri set the flag on fire Saturday on a grill outside his home in Wyoming, near Grand Rapids.

"It was $12.95 and it was the best money I ever spent," Burri told The Detroit News.

The 60-year-old Burri says lowering flags should be done for men and women who have given their lives in service to the United States.

"It was a slap in the face. It cheapens the meaning of lowering that flag," Burri told The Detroit News. "They're watering down the meaning of a hero."

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Related: NJ governor doesn't back down on flag tribute

Army Specialist Eric Burri died in 2005 in Baghdad. Michigan flags were lowered in his honor.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie defended his decision to lower flags for Houston. Christie noted the 48-year-old icon was born in Newark and raised in nearby East Orange.

Houston died Feb. 11 in Beverly Hills, Calif.

More content from and NBC News


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Santorum mocks Romney ahead of Arizona GOP debate (AP)

[unable to retrieve full-text content]AP - Rick Santorum acknowledged Wednesday that he's probably running behind Mitt Romney in Arizona, but he implored a tea party crowd not to settle for "a Johnny-come-lately to the conservative cause."


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International Currency Trading | SemOifc

Every single day, hundreds of thousands of trades are created inside of a currency exchange current market termed Fx. The phrase ?Forex? straight stems fx rogue review from the start of two phrases ? ?foreign? and ?exchange?. As opposed to other buying and selling methods like the stock market place, Foreign exchange doesn?t entail the buying and selling of any merchandise, bodily or representative. In its place, Fx operates by means of obtaining, marketing, and investing concerning the currencies of varied economies from all over the world. For the reason that Foreign exchange current market is really a world wide buying and selling technique, trades are created twenty-four hours a day, 5 times every week. On top of that, Fx just isn?t bound by any just one management company, meaning that Forex trading may be the only correct absolutely free marketplace financial investing program accessible currently. By leaving the exchange prices away from any 1 group?s palms, it truly is significantly much more challenging to even try and manipulate or corner the currency market place. With each of the strengths affiliated together with the Currency trading technique, as well as the international selection of participation, the Forex trading industry is definitely the greatest promote from the full planet.

Everywhere amongst one trillion and one.five trillion equivalent U.s. bucks are traded to the Fx promote each individual and each day.

So relatively than manual you by way of a structured web-site with additional specifics by several sections; they normally utilize this pitch webpage and so they usually pack it with details in addition to a ton of challenging promoting. It has confirmed to generally be the craze and it can be gotten more challenging and more challenging for a few EAs to promote their computer software with out these sorts of pitch pages. It is actually usually the situation with electronic products and solutions and or/stuff you are able to purchase on line. With regards to these make-money-online and Fx web-sites they normally possess a lots of flash to them and naturally quite a few items to draw consumers in. In point of fact it truly is not a lot diverse from almost every other sort of marketing, most absolutely not the likes of other financial systems, and so forth. They really need to have some kind of attractiveness and be aggressive. My summary is usually that regardless of whether it seems to be like it may be a fraud, do your research anyhow and it might not be. It just is dependent. Some points are indications, but in my view net design and style and really hard marketing aren?t immediate indicators of the fraud.

However while in the Fx Market place a little something to hope for could well be charts and evidence.

Most forex trading alternatives buying and selling is performed by way of phone as you will discover only several forex trading brokers giving on-line forex trading possibility investing platforms.

Forex trading Possibility Defined ? A fx alternative is really a economic currency agreement supplying the currency trading choice purchaser the proper, although not the obligation, to acquire or offer a particular forex trading spot agreement (the fundamental) in a unique cost (the strike rate) on or ahead of a certain date (the expiration date). The volume the currency trading selection purchaser pays to your forex trading solution seller for your forex trading possibility agreement legal rights is named the fx selection ?premium.?

The Forex trading Alternative Purchaser ? The customer, or holder, of the foreign currency selection has the alternative to both offer the foreign currency selection agreement just before expiration, or she or he can decide to maintain the foreign currency alternatives agreement till expiration and training his / her appropriate to choose a placement inside the fundamental spot foreign currency. The act of performing exercises the foreign currency solution and getting the subsequent fundamental situation from the foreign currency spot promote is called ?assignment? or becoming ?assigned? a spot situation.

As I explained higher than, the foreign exchange investing is regarded as among the most prosperous and beautiful options for financial commitment as any individual can readily do in your house or place of work and from any a part of the entire world.

For succeeding the Fx trading, somebody is just not needed to carry out any on the net marketing, advertising and so on. The only real need during the Foreign currency trading would be the account that anyone is needed to open up with trusted and registered brokers, a pc process and rapidly web link.

Now, you have got to generally be cautious when opening a Forex trading account with any broker due to the fact some could possibly be Rip-off. The Commodity Futures Investing Commission (CFTC) in US has jurisdiction above all Futures and Currency trading action. When buying and selling from the foreign exchange markets, folks need to only trade using a CFTC registered entity that is definitely also a member in the Countrywide Futures Association (NFA) and is particularly controlled from the CFTC. For non-US broker/ financial institution entities, ensure which the broker or lender is registered with that country?s acceptable regulatory bodies.

The solitary most noticeable remedy is needless to say ? on the web! On the web fx trading presents you immediate entry for the currency trading promote and there is quite a lot and numerous providers in existence that happen to be in organization simply to offer with you on the web. Be vigilant, do shell out some time for getting some great foreign currency trading schooling, yet again this may be furnished on the internet and build your dummy account to trade ahead of you try to go dwell. In case you choose treatment and just take your time, there is certainly no explanation why you should not achieve success in currency trading so, have endurance and adhere at it!


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Madison eats agenda: Beekeeping, Bockfest, Indulgence, chili cook ...

This coming week, in events that get to your heart through your stomach.


Saturday, February 25

Beekeeping is so much the latest in urban locavorism that we're expecting a Portlandia segment to crop up any day now. Learn about the bee beat today at two workshops for "new-bees" (sorry) -- Beekeeping for Beginners and Fundamentals of Beekeeping, both organized by the Dane County Beekeeping Association. The former is a workshop taught by Jeane Hansen and geared towards students who have no previous background in beekeeping but are interested in becoming an apiarist. Dane County Extension Building, 1 Fen Oak Dr., 9 a.m-4 p.m., $40, call 244-5094 for more info. The latter is a conference on beekeeping with a keynote by Wisconsin Honey Producers Association president Tim Fulton, with a class taught by Charles and Karen Lorence of Illinois. Warner Park Community Recreation Center, 1625 Northport Dr., 9 a.m.-4 p.m., $60, call 221-0521 for more info.

Capital Brewery celebrates the start of bock beer season -- and spring ? with a legendary and popular blowout known, sensibly, enough, as Bockfest. If you already scored a VIP ticket, bully for you. Others can try to get in when doors open at noon, but there are only about 500 available spots for those who want to line up early. Those who get in will enjoy the tapping of the new season's Blonde Doppelbock, along with food, beads, live music, and the Running of the Blondes 1K race. Watch out for flying fish. Capital Brewery, 7734 Terrace Ave., 11 a.m.5 p.m., $10. Call 836-7100 for more info.

Indugence, an annual fundraiser for Olbrich Gardens, bills itself as a way to come in from the cold, though this year it's likely to be almost as warm outside as it is in the tropical Bolz Conservatory. No mind -- enjoy samples at this tasting from nearly two-dozen Wisconsin wineries and chocolatiers. Olbrich Gardens, 3330 Atwood Ave., 5:30-8:30 p.m., $25 public and $20 members with $15 admission for designated drivers. Call 246-4550 for more info.

Sunday, February 26

What better locale for a chili cook-off than a club called the Inferno? This second annual cooking contest features competitors in the categories of spicy, vegetarian, carnivorous, "unusual," and all-around-best. Sides include buttermilk biscuits, cornbread, deviled eggs, Rice Krispie treats, and all the usual chili toppings. Inferno, 1718 Commercial Ave., 6:30 p.m., $2. Call 245-9583 for more info.

More events this week

Tuesday, February 21

Step By Step into Raw class, with chef Amanda Fanning from Raw Kurious Kafe covering how to plan and prepare a raw food diet. Willy Street Co-op West, 6825 University Ave., 6-8 p.m., $15 owners and $25 all others. Call 284-7800 for more info.

Green Tuesdays, an educational series organized by The Natural Step Monona, featuring a screening of Fresh, a 2009 documentary by Ana Sofia Joanes that "celebrates the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are re-inventing our food system." Oregon Public Library, 256 Brook St., Oregon, 6:30 p.m., free. Call 237-1957 for more info.

OutReach Mardi Gras, the fourth annual celebration and fundraiser in support of OutReach, featuring a Cajun buffet dinner, drag show, and dancing. Club 5, 5 Applegate Ct., 6 p.m.-bar time, $10 donation. Call 255-8582 for more info.

Wednesday, February 22

Rooftop Seedlings, a weekly session for kids to explore gardening, composting, and cooking. Madison Children's Museum, 100 N. Hamilton St., 3:30 p.m., free with $8 admission. Call 256-6445 for more info.

Six Spices with Neeta Saluja class, with the chef preparing a menu of spicy lentil and vegetable sambhar, savory pancakes, and yogurt and lentil chutney. Willy Street Co-op West, 6825 University Ave., 6-8 p.m., $15 owners and $25 all others. Call 284-7800 for more info.

West African Cuisine class, with instructor Tina Osuocha preparing a menu of ankara balls, jollof rice, and egusi soup. Willy Street Co-op East, 1221 Williamson St., 6-8 p.m., $15 owners and $25 all others. Call 251-6776 for more info.

Thursday, February 23

The Mother Sauces class, with instructor Jennifer Jones demonstrating how to prepare b?chamel, velout?, espagnole, hollandaise, mayonnaise, and vinaigrette from scratch. Whole Foods Market, 3313 University Ave., 6-7:30 p.m., $25. Call 233-9566 for more info.

Food Access, a hunger awareness workshop hosted by the Fighting Poverty Coalition, with participants conducting a grocery shopping and food pantry simulations that compares availability, prices, and location. St. Mark?s Lutheran Church, 605 Spruce St., 6-8 p.m. Call 770-2049 for more info.

Green Thursdays, an educational series organized by The Natural Step Monona, featuring a screening of Fresh, a 2009 documentary by Ana Sofia Joanes that "celebrates the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are re-inventing our food system." Edgewookd College - Anderson Auditorium, Predolin Humanities Center, 1000 Edgewood College Dr., 6:30 p.m., free. Call 663-2837 for more info.

The Chocolate War, a competition for teens featuring a cupcake decorating contest, candy bar guessing, chocolate trivia, and the "Ode to Chocolate" poetry contest. Middleton Public Library, 7425 Hubbard Ave., 7 p.m. Call 827-7402 for more info.

Friday, February 24

Madison Fishing Expo, the 27th annual three-day convention, featuring exhibitors, demonstrations, seminars, and contests. Alliant Energy Center-Exhibition Hall, 1919 Alliant Energy Way, 4-9 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday, $8 and kids under 12 free. See Facebook and call 245-1040 for more info.

Youth Cooking School: Snacks from Scratch, for kids ages 6-12, with instructors preparing a menu of cheesy crackers, oven-baked quesadillas, and whole grain muddy buddies. Whole Foods Market, 3313 University Ave., 4:30-6 p.m., $10. Call 233-9566 for more info.

Fish & Burger Night, the latest in a series of benefit dinners for the TEENworks program at the Goodman Center and the teen culinary program at Ironworks Caf?, featuring a menu of fried walleye and beef or vegetable dinners, along with family-style pickled platters, dinner rolls, soup, and a kid's menu. Ironworks Caf?, 149 Waubesa St., 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. seatings, $16 entrees with other items for $3-7. See Facebook and call 241-1574 for more info.

Saturday, February 25

"Taste of the Market" breakfast at the Dane County Farmers' Market, with chef Jon Nodler from Merchant preparing a menu of huevos rancheros with pulled pork or mushrooms, side salad (with pickled carrots, onions, leeks, and jalape?os), and pumpkin bread. Madison Senior Center, 330 W. Mifflin St., 8 a.m.-noon, $8 adults and $4 kids and smaller portions. Call 455-1999 for more info.

Evansville Farmers' Market, returning for a special indoor winter session. Creekside Place Community Center, 102 Maple St., Evansville, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Call 608-882-9032 for more info.

Cooking Up Poetry, a Black History Month celebration with a reading by recent Madison Poet Laureate Fabu and samples of traditional soul food. Madison Children's Museum, 100 N. Hamilton St., 10:30 a.m., free with $8 admission. Call 256-6445 for more info.

Joan Peterson book signing, with the author discussing her new book Eat Smart in Norway, published by Ginkgo Press as part of its "Eat Smart Culinary Travel" guidebook series. The Century House, 3029 University Ave., 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Call 233-4488 for more info.

Free community meal prepared by volunteers. Wil-Mar Center, 953 Jenifer St., 11:15 a.m., free. Call 257-4576 for more info.

Mount Horeb Wine Tasting Gala, a benefit in support of the Mount Horeb Landmarks Foundation, featuring samples of over 20 wines and hors d'oeuvres. District #1 Schoolhouse, 110 N. Second St., Mount Horeb, 7-9 p.m., $25 advance or $30 door. Call 608-437-1108 for more info.

Steampunk Gala, a steampunk-themed costume celebration of the 30th anniversary of Madison Ballet, featuring dinner, dancing, and live music. Full Compass, 9770 Silicon Prairie Pkwy., 7 p.m.-midnight, $130. Purchase tickets online, and call 278-7990 for more info.

Sunday, February 26

Savory Sunday, with volunteers need to prepare and serve a fresh, hot meal for the hungry. Lutheran Campus Center, 325 N. Mills St., 11 a.m. Call 233-6967 for more info.

Monday, February 27

Soup & Bread, a benefit supper in support of Porchlight, featuring a potluck menu of soups and breads prepared by local home and professional chefs. High Noon Saloon, 701A E. Washington Ave., 5-7 p.m., donations encouraged. See Facebook and call 239-1804 for more info.

The Urban Gardener Part I: Laying the Groundwork for a Productive Year class, with instructors from Madison FarmWorks at Troy Community Farm covering intermediate and advanced gardening skills, including design and layout, planting schedules, crop rotation, cover cropping, and succession planting. Willy Street Co-op East, 1221 Williamson St., 6-8 p.m., $20 owners and $30 all others. Call 251-6776 for more info.

Family Dinner Night, a weekly meal hosted by Slow Food UW-Madison and prepared by guest chefs. The Crossing, 1127 University Ave., 6:30 p.m., $5. Call 257-1039 for more info.

Nutrient-dense foods discussion at the Madison chapter meeting of the Weston A. Price Foundation, with a focus on networking and farm sales. Wil-Mar Center, 953 Jenifer St., 7 p.m. Call 221-8696 for more info.

Save the date

Tuesday, February 28

Herbal Tea: From the Garden to the Teacup, a class taught by Lauri Lee of the Madison Herb Society about how to plant, grow, harvest, dry, blend, and brew herbal teas, with tips and tastings. Olbrich Gardens, 3330 Atwood Ave., 6 p.m., $40. Please RSVP by February 21 and call 246-4550 for more info.

The Good, the Bad & the Hungry: Wildlife in Your Garden, a class taught by Olbrich Botanical Gardens horticulturalist Samantha Peckham about how to promote and deter specific animals in a garden environment. Olbrich Gardens, 3330 Atwood Ave., 6:30 p.m., $15. Please RSVP by February 21 and call 246-4550 for more info.

Thursday, March 1

Stunning Plants for Dazzling Effects, a class taught by Allen Centennial Gardens director Ed Lyon about how to plan and care for mixed-usage gardens that include herbs, vegetables, annuals, perennials, and other plants. Olbrich Gardens, 3330 Atwood Ave., 6:30 p.m., $15. Please RSVP by February 23 and call 246-4550 for more info.

Saturday, March 3

Low Maintenance, Sustainable Gardening with Edibles, a day-long workshop taught by Roger Reynolds of Infiltrating Landscapes about simple composting, lasagna gardening, edible landscaping, and organic practices. Olbrich Gardens, 3330 Atwood Ave., 9 a.m.-4 p.m., $50. Please RSVP by February 23 and call 246-4550 for more info.

Tuesday, March 6

Taste Traditions of Wisconsin, a monthly lecture and dinner series that features a Fur Trade-era menu and Betsey Means in character as early Portage settler Julliette Magill Kinzie telling stories from the book Wau-Bun: the Early Day in the Northwest. Wisconsin Historical Museum, 30 North Carroll St., 6:30, $30. Please RSVP by February 21, and call 264-6555 for more info.


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