Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Green Power for You ? Help for Montgomery County Humane Society ...

From the Montgomery County Humane Society?(Rockville, Maryland 20850)

Here?s a fantastic new, GREEN way to support MCHS:

If you pay PEPCO or BG&E for your electric service in MD, you can now receive more
affordable, greener electricity AND support MCHS!

The Montgomery County Humane Society is excited to announce our new fund-raising
program with Viridian Energy to raise money for homeless animals while getting
greener electricity for you!

As you may know, electricity supply is now deregulated in Maryland and you have a choice of power suppliers. When you choose Viridian as your electricity supplier, The Humane Society will earn a residual check each month for customers that sign up through MCHS.

Plus, it?s 20% renewable energy!

PEPCO or BG&E are still responsible for distributing the electricity to your house
on the wires, they still read your meter, you keep your current PEPCO or BG&E account
number, and you still have PEPCO & BG&E for service & billing.

Please pull out your MD PEPCO or BG&E bill??.then click here to sign up.? (See the 3 easy online steps below).

First, go to the MCHS Viridian page click on the green box, ?Become a Customer?

At Step One: Finding Your Utility Utilities and Service Rates simply:

  • Enter the Zip Code for your residence
  • Select your current utility company (BGE or Pepco)
  • Choose your Account Class ? Residential
  • Choose the Rate Plan ? Everyday Green 20%

At Step Two: Enter Your Pepco or BG&E Account Information

  • Enter information exactly as it appears on your electric bill

At Step Three: Confirm All Information

  • Enter email and phone number
  • Type in your e-signature

If you have any questions about Viridian or this program, please contact us our Viridian independent associate, Alan Waghelstein, at (301) 299-1894.

Thank you for all your support of MCHS and homeless animals!


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