Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Review: Soul of a Lifter - ? Kodamar

Soul of a Lifter by Gino Arcaro is a motivational self-help book, and much more. It inspires and empowers readers to look into their own souls, instead of expecting solutions to come from others or even from circumstances. This book is not about weightlifting, per se, but about the philosophy and psychology of performance, written from the unique perspective that only a lifter can provide. Relying on forty years? accrued experience in policing, teaching, strength and football coaching, coupled with endless workout regimens, Arcaro is adamant that, ?nothing just happens.? There are ?no shortcuts.? We must use our ?tag-team partner,? our soul, to face the world in all its misery, and simply battle and fight back.

Whether you?re concerned about losing weight, making a career change, feeling alone, dealing with relationship problems or anything else in between, Soul of a Lifter will guide you on a soul-searching journey that exposes the truth about the strength needed to change your life; it comes from within. But we have help; the 3M?s as Arcaro puts it: Miracles, Messages, and Misery-busting.

One constant that resonates throughout Soul of a Lifter is the idea of doing, rather than talking about doing. For instance, Arcaro himself admits he is addicted to working out and helping others. There was a time when he was addicted to being on the police SWAT team. Yet he is addicted to not talking about his addictions, just doing.

In a nutshell, Soul of a Lifter?s goal is to expose individuals to their passions and true callings. Best stated in Gino Arcaro?s own words, ?I firmly believe that every human was created for one purpose ? to reach full potential so we can fulfill our individual calling or callings.? Essentially, Arcaro understands that it?s easy to make excuses and bury one?s God-given talents. He understands intimately, the one constant stimulus in our lives: fear. Soul of a Lifter will leave you feeling unsettled, yet inspired to face your fears and make changes in a way that addresses the roadblocks and inner demons that prevent you from reaching your potential.

Approaching the end of the book, I was awestruck by the depth with which Gino Arcaro details the different topics in the book. It is as though all other self-help books barely scratch the surface, while Arcaro encourages his readers to dig deeper and deeper, and keep digging.

Soul of a Lifter is simple-yet so profound and captivating. I recommend this book to every individual on earth who seeks to get the most out of his/her life.

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