Saturday, August 3, 2013

a new opinion in Computer about Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi 16 GB

I bought this iPad when it was first released from HMV for ?399, but it has since gone down in price. I bought it as an upgrade from the original iPad 1. I saw there was a lot of hype about it so I wanted to see if it would be any better than the first iPad. And it was!

The 9.7" screen is brilliant and the resolution of it is really brilliant, viewing photos and videos is amazing. The iPad has been dropped a few times but it has proven to be hard wearing, although it is quite easy to scratch the back. The screen has gained a small crack but that was from leaving it on the floor and someone stepped on it... oops...

The battery life is very good, but it never lasts the full 10 hours like it is supposed to. I usually get about 8 hours out of it on full charge. It is lightweight and easy to carry around which is a plus.

The app store has a wide range of apps, a lot of which are free or very cheap, and if you choose the right ones they are great! They are very easy to install, straight from the iPad, however, you are forced to choose a very complicated password, which can be hard to remember sometimes and typing it out can be tedious because you have to change it into capitals and number which seems to be a very annoying task for the iPad, as you have to change the keyboard and it is hard to tell if the capital letters are still on.

It is a pleasure to browse the internet on, and the swift movements and shortcuts are easy to use.

Unfortunately, it has no flashplayer which means the only games you can play are the ones you download on the app store. There is also a limit to which websites you can use. You are forced to use a youtube app, which doesn't seem to have as many videos and not always the specific ones you are searching for.

The charger for the iPad is quite flimsy, and would break in a family household with more than one person using it. It is expensive to replace the chargers, along with any other apple accessories.

Because of the release of the new iPad it is very difficult to update the iPad 2. I can't do it myself using itunes and am forced to take it into the apple store and have one of the "genius'" take about half an hour to update it. This is very inconvenient.

DO NOT buy the original apple iPad cover. It gets dirty really quickly and the magnet weakens over time making it easier to drop the iPad. It is also ridiculously expensive for what it is, and you would be a lot better off buying a more protective iPad case which will actually protect your iPad from being scratched on the back.

Apart from that, it was a great purchase, but do follow my advice!


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