Tuesday, October 15, 2013

These Faceted Lamps Mimic the Molecular Structure of Crystals

One of the best parts of chemistry—for a math-deficient person like myself—were the wood-and-wire molecular models that appeared in class from time to time. Those days clearly made an impression on Berlin designer Daniel Becker, too: His new collection of lamps double as molecular models.

LEM, as the series is called, is just as simple as those high school models: Wire and fabric, layered to create shadows on the wall that mimic crystalline shapes. Becker explains:

The shapes of the series LEM are the first results of the analysis and interpretation of quasicrystals and aperiodic patterns. In chemistry, quasicrystals stand with their aperiodic but still ordered structure for a contradiction to the actually required periodic symmetry of molecules within a crystal.

You can buy the pieces online, but fair warning—they're hugely expensive at roughly $500. Alternatively, why not just buy a couple modeling kits on Amazon and make one yourself? [Contemporary Components]

These Faceted Lamps Mimic the Molecular Structure of CrystalsS

Source: http://gizmodo.com/these-faceted-lamps-mimic-the-molecular-structure-of-cr-1445170343
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